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Towertech Received 3 Nos.Cooling Tower Order From M/S TECHNOMAG CONCAST PVT LTD

1.Capacity: 168 CMH

Type: Induced Draft / Counter Flow /Round Bottle Type

2.Capacity: 252 CMH  &  192 CMH

Type: Induced Draft / Counter Flow /Square Modular Type

Towertech Happy To Associate With "Excelsource International Pvt. Ltd"-Supplied 4 Cooling Towers For Congo Project

  • Capacity: 165 CMH- 3 Nos &  190 CMH- 1 No.
  • Type: FRP /Counter Flow / Round Bottle Type Cooling Tower.

Cooling Towers in India – Going Strong

Cooling towers are devices that are used to cool industrial processes and applications to ensure that correct ambient as well as process temperatures are maintained during the manufacturing or the relevant industrial process. Their origin dates back to the industrial revolution when the need was felt for devices that could evacuate the heat generated at the manufacturing stage. Cooling towers have come a long way since then. With the increasing pace of industrialization in India, these towers are used in a variety of businesses and industries across the country. A variety of designs are now in vogue in India as is in other parts of the world.

Some of these are of the following types:

  • Rectangular
  • Round bottle
  • Cross flow
  • Fan & Fill less

Today, cooling towers are able to provide a complete solution for business or industrial cooling requirements. In addition to process cooling, these are now being utilized for location cooling as well.

Cooling towers in India deliver the following advantages:

  • Greater Thermal Efficiency
  • Higher Energy Savings
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Economy Of Running Cost
  • Longer Life
  • International Quality

With the growth in popularity of this equipment, more and more industries and concerns started using cooling towers.

This equipment is now being used in many industries in India like:

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Plants
  • Profess Water Cooling In Chemical Plants
  • Air Compressors
  • Plastic Molding Machines
  • Diesel Generating Machines
  • Electrical Induction Furnaces
  • Water Cooling Equipment Of Equipments And Machines

In many concerns, cooling towers have to be run round the clock, which means on a 24X7 basis. So, energy efficient cooling towers can be utilized in such places. These energy efficient towers can be of the cross flow fan and fill type of the induced draught type where higher capacities are involved. At the same time, fan less and fill less cooling towers can be used for those processes where lesser capacity is required.

Cooling towers in India now form a large industry by itself in India. Various manufacturers are now utilizing innovative techniques to provide low cost and high quality solutions to interested buyers.  This equipment is now being exported as well to various countries.

A majority of the manufacturers utilize ISO standards and select the best components as well as material for the manufacturing process. A range of quality tests are also implemented to ensure quality control. To summarize, cooling towers that are made in India are now very much equivalent to their international counterparts. canadian pharmacy Fludac 20mg

Cooling Tower Companies – Forging Ahead in Cooling Tower Manufacture

Cooling towers are an essential element in any large scale industrial activity recently. Due to the growing need of cooling towers around the world and in India in particular, many a cooling tower company have been set up to meet the demand of such towers in various industrial applications. These companies now manufacture a wide range of cooling towers according to specific requirements.

Many a cooling tower company have now obtained ISO 9001 certification that proves their quality management in accordance with international standards. Industries such as petroleum refining, electricity generation, air conditioning, refrigeration, steel manufacture and processing and many others now require such towers for their smooth operation. Cooling tower companies in India now possess the requisite technology for manufacturing such towers.

These towers meet the rigorous demands of various industrial concerns. It is a proud fact that these towers are also being exported to various countries around the world. To ensure that these towers can withstand rigorous usage in various industrial operations, these companies ensure that components utilized in the manufacturing process are tested and utilized after careful scrutiny.

Quality control procedures mandated by the ISO system essentially weed out any defects during the preliminary stages of manufacture. These products are minutely screened for any defect by a qualified team of engineers and technicians to ensure a virtually zero defect product.  A variety of cooling towers are now being manufactured depending upon the actual requirements. These days, mechanical draft towers are much in vogue. Depending upon the use and requirements at the actual industrial site different types of towers could be required. Some of the most popular forms of such towers in use at various industrial sites are:

  • Round bottle Tower
  • Rectangular Tower
  • Cross Flow Tower
  • Fan less Fill less Tower

The industrial revolution was the starting point for the need of such towers. Due to the massive growth in the industrial capacity of various manufacturing units, the main challenge faced by manufacturers and individuals was the removal of heat from industrial processes. This was compounded in situations where natural water resources were not regularly available. The power industry was one of the first users of these towers.

Thus, many a cooling tower company rushed in to meet the demands created in the situation immediately following the commencement of the industrial revolution. Such towers were initially made from wood, but the newer types of towers include FRP and RCC varieties as well.

Today, most industries utilize these towers round the clock. These industries consume a significant proportion of energy to run these towers. Many energy conscious towers now utilize fan less and fill less towers for cooling. To summarize, cooling tower companies have now matured to deliver products that are vastly superior and very suitable for present day industry.

FRP Cooling Towers for Industrial and Commercial Use

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) cooling towers are becoming quite popular these days. Many industries and organizations are opting for FRP cooling towers due to their resistance to corrosion and durability. Various industries are fast adapting to the use of FRP towers for better efficiency and higher effectiveness to meet their growing needs.  This article briefly describes FRP cooling towers.

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) cooling towers are becoming quite popular these days. Many industries and companies are opting for FRP cooling towers due to their resistance to corrosion and durability. FRP cooling towers are just right for tough and harsh cooling situations, yet where light weight equipment is required for cooling. FRP is a material specially developed for this purpose.

Accordingly, FRP is a composite material composed of a polymer matrix reinforced with a variety of fibers that could be fiberglass or carbon. The polymer is usually thermo-setting plastic or polyester. In the cooling tower industry, the choice of material for making the FRP is usually thermo setting plastic along with fiber glass fibers.

FRP  cooling towers are slowly replacing other traditional towers especially those made from wood as the critical component of any industrial process. These towers are necessary for cooling the immediate and surrounding environment in an industrial process. Hence, the use of modern technology such as that utilized in an FRP tower is becoming more popular day by day.

This is because of the increasing sophistication and quality consciousness amongst manufacturers and buyers presently. These days, many industrial applications utilize FRP towers in comparison to other towers such as RCC towers and wooden towers. These towers are used for various commercial and industrial needs.

It is extremely essential to maintain the quality of water that is used for cooling. If not maintained regularly, the water in these towers can harbor large amounts of bacteria and algae, which can be dangerous to health and hygiene. Therefore, it is important that water in such towers be treated before it can cause any damage to the tower equipment or be detrimental to plant personnel.

Like other towers, FRP towers are mostly run around the clock. To save electricity, which is a precious resource, many industries rely on fan less and fill less cooling towers. These towers rely on natural processes for cooling. Other types of towers such as induced draught, cross flow fan, and fill type towers are also utilized for cooling in industrial processes where the need for higher capacity utilization is felt.

Nowadays, many companies manufacture their towers according to ISO standards. They choose the best components for manufacture which pass through several stages of testing and quality inspections to ensure a defect free product. To summarize, various industries are fast adapting to the use of FRP towers for better efficiency and higher effectiveness to meet their growing needs.

Cooling Tower Systems – Indispensable Equipment for Growing Businesses

Cooling towers are an indispensable part of many industrial plants these days. Today there is hardly any major industrial installation that does not utilize cooling water systems. They are a relatively inexpensive way of removing heat from cooling water used for a variety of industrial processes. Theoretically, the process of cooling towers is very simple to understand. The hot water from the heat exchangers is piped back to the cooling tower which cools the water. In other words, the heat is exchanged and the water is cooled. The cooled water is sent back to cool the various industrial processes in the cooling plant.

Presently, there are two different types of cooling tower systems in use. These can be classified as natural draft cooling towers and mechanical draft cooling towers. Due to the immense size of the natural draft cooling towers, these are used only in larger installations such as refineries and power stations globally. However, the mechanical draft cooling towers are smaller as they use electrical fans to force a draft of air through the tower.

The water in such cooling towers falls on the fill surfaces while moving downwards aided by gravity. This helps to increase the contact time between the water and the air, thus maximizing the heat transfer from the water to the air, which is then dispersed through the atmosphere. Many companies in India are now capable of manufacturing world-class cooling towers. These cooling towers companies are now becoming quality conscious and have now obtained ISO certification to become amongst the best cooling tower systems manufacturing companies today.

Many companies also export these cooling tower systems to various countries besides manufacturing them. Due to stringent quality checks, a near zero defect production is achieved. Any defect found is rectified before the product reaches the final stages of manufacturing. Thus, cooling tower systems are now in a position to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Cooling tower systems first found use in the industrial revolution. Due to the hastening pace of manufacturing during this period, industries faced a practical problem related to disposal of excess heat. Thus, the first cooling tower systems were designed during this period.

The very first cooling towers were originally made of wood. However, the recent advances in cooling tower technology have made it possible to develop a range of cooling towers such as FRP cooling towers and Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) cooling towers as well.

Cooling Towers – A Must Have For Industrial Units

Cooling Towers has come a long way with the advancement of technology and today have become an integral part of majority of industries. The main challenge faced by most industries was the removal of excess heat from industrial processes.

Cooling Towers are a cost-effective way of removing excess heat from industrial units that have processes that require cooling for long periods. At present, for industries like petroleum refining, chemical processing, air conditioning, sugar manufacturing, electricity generating and steel manufacturing and more cooling towers have become an indispensable part.

Cooling Towers India today is widely used for other then industrial sectors. Commercial cooling towers are all in rage as result of the need for cooling which was in trend. While using them it is necessary that to ensure that water that is used for cooling purposes is undiluted. Also the towers must be frequently cleaned and maintained to avoid the formation of algae and other such bacterias which can affect the health of the individuals working. Also if the water used for cleaning not treated well it can lead to corrosion and rust formation and can even affect the functioning of the cooling towers.  So, it is very crucial to look after such aspects of cooling towers for industries that cannot strive without them for a single day.

Manufacturers of Cooling Towers in India are paying due attention to the detailing of cooling towers as to offer prospective buyers supreme quality towers at low cost. Further Cooling tower rentals are also popular amongst organizations that require them for short period.

TowerTech India has wide range of  cooling towers ideal for a both commercial and industrial sectors.