Cooling Tower Systems – Indispensable Equipment for Growing Businesses

Cooling towers are an indispensable part of many industrial plants these days. Today there is hardly any major industrial installation that does not utilize cooling water systems. They are a relatively inexpensive way of removing heat from cooling water used for a variety of industrial processes. Theoretically, the process of cooling towers is very simple to understand. The hot water from the heat exchangers is piped back to the cooling tower which cools the water. In other words, the heat is exchanged and the water is cooled. The cooled water is sent back to cool the various industrial processes in the cooling plant.

Presently, there are two different types of cooling tower systems in use. These can be classified as natural draft cooling towers and mechanical draft cooling towers. Due to the immense size of the natural draft cooling towers, these are used only in larger installations such as refineries and power stations globally. However, the mechanical draft cooling towers are smaller as they use electrical fans to force a draft of air through the tower.

The water in such cooling towers falls on the fill surfaces while moving downwards aided by gravity. This helps to increase the contact time between the water and the air, thus maximizing the heat transfer from the water to the air, which is then dispersed through the atmosphere. Many companies in India are now capable of manufacturing world-class cooling towers. These cooling towers companies are now becoming quality conscious and have now obtained ISO certification to become amongst the best cooling tower systems manufacturing companies today.

Many companies also export these cooling tower systems to various countries besides manufacturing them. Due to stringent quality checks, a near zero defect production is achieved. Any defect found is rectified before the product reaches the final stages of manufacturing. Thus, cooling tower systems are now in a position to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Cooling tower systems first found use in the industrial revolution. Due to the hastening pace of manufacturing during this period, industries faced a practical problem related to disposal of excess heat. Thus, the first cooling tower systems were designed during this period.

The very first cooling towers were originally made of wood. However, the recent advances in cooling tower technology have made it possible to develop a range of cooling towers such as FRP cooling towers and Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) cooling towers as well.

Cooling Towers – A Must Have For Industrial Units

Cooling Towers has come a long way with the advancement of technology and today have become an integral part of majority of industries. The main challenge faced by most industries was the removal of excess heat from industrial processes.

Cooling Towers are a cost-effective way of removing excess heat from industrial units that have processes that require cooling for long periods. At present, for industries like petroleum refining, chemical processing, air conditioning, sugar manufacturing, electricity generating and steel manufacturing and more cooling towers have become an indispensable part.

Cooling Towers India today is widely used for other then industrial sectors. Commercial cooling towers are all in rage as result of the need for cooling which was in trend. While using them it is necessary that to ensure that water that is used for cooling purposes is undiluted. Also the towers must be frequently cleaned and maintained to avoid the formation of algae and other such bacterias which can affect the health of the individuals working. Also if the water used for cleaning not treated well it can lead to corrosion and rust formation and can even affect the functioning of the cooling towers.  So, it is very crucial to look after such aspects of cooling towers for industries that cannot strive without them for a single day.

Manufacturers of Cooling Towers in India are paying due attention to the detailing of cooling towers as to offer prospective buyers supreme quality towers at low cost. Further Cooling tower rentals are also popular amongst organizations that require them for short period.

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