Cooling Towers in India – Going Strong

Cooling towers are devices that are used to cool industrial processes and applications to ensure that correct ambient as well as process temperatures are maintained during the manufacturing or the relevant industrial process. Their origin dates back to the industrial revolution when the need was felt for devices that could evacuate the heat generated at the manufacturing stage. Cooling towers have come a long way since then. With the increasing pace of industrialization in India, these towers are used in a variety of businesses and industries across the country. A variety of designs are now in vogue in India as is in other parts of the world.

Some of these are of the following types:

  • Rectangular
  • Round bottle
  • Cross flow
  • Fan & Fill less

Today, cooling towers are able to provide a complete solution for business or industrial cooling requirements. In addition to process cooling, these are now being utilized for location cooling as well.

Cooling towers in India deliver the following advantages:

  • Greater Thermal Efficiency
  • Higher Energy Savings
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Economy Of Running Cost
  • Longer Life
  • International Quality

With the growth in popularity of this equipment, more and more industries and concerns started using cooling towers.

This equipment is now being used in many industries in India like:

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Plants
  • Profess Water Cooling In Chemical Plants
  • Air Compressors
  • Plastic Molding Machines
  • Diesel Generating Machines
  • Electrical Induction Furnaces
  • Water Cooling Equipment Of Equipments And Machines

In many concerns, cooling towers have to be run round the clock, which means on a 24X7 basis. So, energy efficient cooling towers can be utilized in such places. These energy efficient towers can be of the cross flow fan and fill type of the induced draught type where higher capacities are involved. At the same time, fan less and fill less cooling towers can be used for those processes where lesser capacity is required.

Cooling towers in India now form a large industry by itself in India. Various manufacturers are now utilizing innovative techniques to provide low cost and high quality solutions to interested buyers.  This equipment is now being exported as well to various countries.

A majority of the manufacturers utilize ISO standards and select the best components as well as material for the manufacturing process. A range of quality tests are also implemented to ensure quality control. To summarize, cooling towers that are made in India are now very much equivalent to their international counterparts. canadian pharmacy Fludac 20mg

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