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Cooling Tower Oct / 26 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
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What is the Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is special equipment used as a heat exchanger in which the water and air are brought in direct contact with each in order to reduce the escalated temperature of the machine and keep it operational for an extended time.

Although the life of a cooling tower is 15-20 years, in order to avoid machine failure, the cooling tower should be serviced from time to time.

Why is regular COOLING TOWER SERVICE Important?

After a certain point of time, the temperature of the water coming out of neglected cooling towers will increase, which would affect by increasing energy cost by 6% for every 2°F increase in temperature. On the other hand, a well-serviced cooling tower will work on original optimum efficiency without failures and keeping the energy expense low.
Cooling tower service is essential to keep high efficiency and low energy cost. Additionally, by practising preventive maintenance steps, the users can save up to 15% of electricity costs and conserve water.


Following are some preventive maintenance tips to bring out the best outcome from your cooling tower:

  1. Get an inspection done by engineers. Check the overall interior and exterior side of the tower and note for any unusual sound. It could be an indicator of any potential issues.
  2. Before you begin hands-on work, remember to follow lock-out steps and disconnect motor switches for safety.
  3. Remove the debris from strainers collected due to storage of water and dust.
  4. Check the area of water distribution and look at the fill coil section to eliminate the risk of scale build-up. If you find the surface of the water distribution area dry, then check if there aren’t any cracks or clogs.
  5. The system needs to be checked on a routine basis – oil level, oil quantity and alignment of the shaft with the gear drive system should be checked, as followed by manufacturer recommendations to have a hassle-free operation.
  6. It is necessary to lubricate the bearing of the shaft fan every three months to maintain smooth operation. By installing automatic bearing greasers, the maintenance process will become as it automatically lubricates the bearings. This will eliminate the requirement of bearing maintenance every month.
  7. If the belt gets loose after a particular time, it is necessary to fix this tension problem in belt drive to ensure the performance of the belt drive system.
  8. The dirt and debris that are collected from the cold water basin need to be flushed through the tower drain or sump strainer which are installed within the system to maintain the water quality. Installing the basin sweeper for the filtration system can work as automatic maintenance for the system.
  9. The bleed rate should be adjusted according to the availed local water quality and evaporation rate regulation. Also, it is necessary to prevent the accumulation of solids in re-circulating water so as to avoid failure or downtime during production.
  10. Makeup water should be checked in a certain period of time, and it should be maintained according to the predetermined water level.
  11. Disinfecting the tower is also an essential step as the cooling tower can be a dangerous breeding ground for many bacteria, hence it is necessary to break nutrients that are available for legionella growth.
  12. The overall inspection of the SQUARE or ROUND COOLING TOWER is needed at least in the gap of 2-3 months as sediment, scale and slime starts to form up and can lead the growth of legionella. Also, regular inspection can help in determining the cleaning process of cooling towers.
  13. Monthly sampling and testing of microbiological activity which is present in the cooling tower are required to be done for a longer life of the cooling tower.
  14. PH level should be regularly checked for smooth operation.
  15. The electrical component is the last and important step in the maintenance of any cooling tower. All single electrical pieces should be thoroughly checked by analysing voltage and amperage to ensure proper operation.

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Routine maintenance habits will prevent your equipment failure and will add extra active life to it. Additionally, Storing different parts of the cooling tower will save downtime during an emergency.

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