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Blog , Cooling Tower Nov / 19 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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In any industrial setting, cooling towers are essential. Cooling towers contain a similar collection of components that work together to keep industrial equipment working properly. These cooling tower parts will need to be fixed or replaced at some point throughout the cooling tower’s lifetime. 

Cooling towers are a need no matter what sector you’re in. As soon as all of a factory’s machinery and equipment is used, the temperature rises substantially. Plant owners and operators will be at greater risk of heat-related illness and injury, leading to equipment failure. If industrial machinery is damaged, the output will likely be reduced. Further consideration, the cost of cooling tower service and the repair or replacement of damaged parts should not be overlooked.

All industrial gear, including cooling towers, is made up of several parts. These components perform best when they’re all operating together. Another important feature of cooling towers is having several additional important components, a fan, a water pump, and a water supply basin. Repair or replacement of crucial components is common during the cooling tower’s service life. The following are the essential cooling tower parts:

Cooling tower parts

Drift Reducers

Drift reduction or elimination is important in cooling towers. Large water droplets are meant to be trapped and removed from the cooling tower air steam. The eliminator’s abrupt movement elsewhere in the system can no longer steer these mist and water droplets away from the cooling tower. The moisture is then removed from the air for operational reasons.


A cooling tower driveshaft connects the electric motor and gearbox input shafts—the motor’s output shaft powers the gear eliminator’s input shaft.

The driveshaft is exposed to corrosive conditions inside the tower. Corrosion-resistant driveshafts are a need in this situation. It must be well-balanced or at the very least be able to be rebalanced because it must rotate at full engine speed. Towetech, a cooling tower service provider, promotes how important these parts are to a cooling tower’s successful operations.

Cooling Tower Nozzles

Using crossflow cooling towers, it is typical to see nozzles installed. These cooling tower components use gravity to transport water. The nozzles are in charge of sending water to the fill to cool it down.

Reservoirs on top of the fill medium are generally where water is moved about. The nozzles at the bottom will allow water to descend through the fill medium and into the reservoir.


Fill Media

A cooling tower’s ability to work properly is also dependent on the fill medium used within it. This is a significant factor in deciding how well a cooling tower works. Modern cooling tower designs frequently employ plastic fill media because it provides the highest water evaporation. Plastic fill media.

Fill material is used to increase the amount of surface area that the water can use. As a result, the water is cooled more quickly because of the increased surface area. Fill is a thin coating of water that is put to a surface and spread uniformly across it. As a result, the heat and additional moisture will quickly evaporate.


The driveshaft connects the cooling tower motor to a set of gears called a gearbox. This crucial cooling tower part may be used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It slows the fan’s rotational speed to match the cooling tower’s incoming motor as a speed reducer. The torque is multiplied by the gears’ reduced speed. Additionally, it enhances the fan’s efficiency.

Motors must be large enough to handle fan torque needs if there is no gearbox in the cooling tower you are using. Large and powerful motors are not viable for many industrial buildings because of their size and weight. It’s possible to lower both the cooling tower’s motor size and the cost of the mechanical system by using a gearbox.

Power plants, chemical plants, and other large-scale production facilities need a large amount of heat rejection capacity. To suit the cooling tower’s variable fan speeds, it was made available by cooling tower service providers in a range of designs and reduction rates.

Routine maintenance on the gearbox of the motor might help prevent gearbox corrosion. Engine and gearbox mechanical efficiency suffer dramatically as a result of rust. Rust may cause equipment to malfunction if left unchecked. A new transmission may be purchased from a dealership, or you can have your present transmission fixed.

There are several other components for cooling tower systems, but the five essential cooling tower parts are –drift reducers, driveshafts, fill media, gearboxes, and cooling tower nozzles. All of these contribute to the system’s overall performance. 

After going over the many cooling tower parts and their duties, it should be evident that each component is critical to the correct operation of a cooling tower. Consequently, anytime you are in the market for cooling towers to meet your industrial requirements, it is wise to check into India’s top cooling tower suppliers that provide efficient cooling tower installation, cooling tower repair, and maintenance services.

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