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Blog , Cooling Tower Aug / 09 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Induced Draft Cooling Tower is a technology that uses air conditioning to cool down water used in industrial processes. It is an energy-saving technology that reduces the cooling that the water requires to run the cooling tower, saving energy and money. Induced Draft Cooling Tower uses a fan to force cool air into the water inside the cooling tower, cooling it down. This cool air comes from outside the cooling tower, which is induced by the fan.

Induced Draft Cooling Towers are an innovative cooling technology used in modern cooling towers to provide better cooling and energy efficiency than traditional ones. Most people are familiar with the conventional cooling towers, where water flows through an open copper or aluminum tube in a structure, often outdoors. The water passes over a hot surface and is then cooled by ambient air.

Working of induced draft cooling tower

In an induced draft cooling tower, the incoming cooling water is injected into a spray distribution header throughout the cooling tower. This causes the water to be evenly distributed throughout the cooling tower, rather than relying on gravity to pass the water through the cooling tower.

This improves the cooling system’s efficiency and performance because it allows the water to be cooled by the maximum amount of cool air. The cool air is pulled into the cooling tower through fans, usually located at the top of the cooling tower. Induced Draft Cooling Towers use energy from surrounding air to provide cooling to a building.

The towers use a series of fans to pull cool air from outside the building and pass it through a series of coils or tubes. The cool air is then passed through a heat exchanger, which transfers heat from the air to a liquid such as water. The heat from the liquid is then used to cool other parts of the building, such as the air conditioning system or the building’s heating system.

Evaluation and Repair of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Benefits of using induced draft cooling tower

Induced Draft Cooling Towers are an efficient, cost-effective way to provide cooling for large-scale industrial facilities.

They work by using the natural cooling effect of wind to cool a building without using electricity or other energy sources. Because they use wind power, they are a clean and renewable energy source that produces zero emissions. They are also much quieter than traditional cooling systems, which makes them an ideal option for facilities that need to stay silent.

  • Functions Indoor

In contrast, the induced draft cooling tower uses a closed cooling system, which means it can be located indoors. The water is injected throughout the cooling tower with a spray distribution header, which causes the water to be exposed to more cool air.

  • Less water usage

At induced draft cooling towers, the incoming cooling water is injected throughout the cooling tower with a spray distribution header. This allows the water to be distributed throughout the entire length of the cooling tower, which increases the amount of water that is cooled with each pass through the cooling tower. This reduces the amount of water required to cool the building, saving money and reducing the amount of cooling water needed.

  • Energy efficient

The induced draft cooling tower is an innovative approach to cooling towers. It combines heat and air to cool water, saving space and lowering energy use.

The induced draft cooling tower is also a low-noise cooling tower, which makes it an ideal choice for sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools. This technology can save millions of dollars in energy costs, which can then be used to improve the quality of life for other people.

  • Noise-free

A new cooling tower design could improve energy efficiency and reduce noise pollution in large buildings by generating less heat and using less power. The induced draft cooling tower uses a combination of pipes and fans to move air through a large tower.

It is similar to a traditional cooling tower but uses a different cooling method. It relies on evaporation rather than condensation. This reduces the heat that needs to be removed from the air and can also reduce noise levels.


Induced Draft Cooling Towers are an essential cooling method in modern data centers. They allow us to cool our servers and other equipment much more effectively and save money. So, if you are looking for cost-efficient solutions, then induced draft cooling towers are the right choice for you.