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Blog , Cooling Tower Sep / 16 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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What types of Cooling Tower Packing are there?

The packing in cooling towers is varied in different shapes and sizes, and it becomes very important to understand when and where you can choose to use each type. The packing of a cooling tower holds immense importance, for it will be inevitable over the typical life of a cooling tower of any kind.

Traditionally, cooling tower packing was built using wood, either in a grid/splash pack formation or layers of off-set lathes. However, things have changed now, and every process is becoming shorter and smoother to make things lighter and more manageable. These days, they use a form of either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PP) for the packing of cooling towers.

Plastic packing in cooling towers comes with its own benefits, but the one that stands out is its efficiency.

What to choose, field erected cooling tower or factory packaged?

The factory-assembled cooling towers are pre-fabricated at the factory itself that arrive at the job site ready for complete placement. These units are so large that they can only be shipped by truck, which limits their applicability to projects where the heat rejection load is relatively high.

The factory-assembled cooling towers are placed and primarily used in commercial or institutional applications, including universities, commercial buildings or hospitals.

On the other hand, the field erected cooling towers are built on site; they use materials and custom-manufactured components, which most manufacturers send to the clients. These field-erected cooling towers are serve facilities with high heat rejection loads like refineries, power plants, chilled water plants and large manufacturing plants.

They are typically larger than the factory-assembled ones as they are built on-site; shipping doesn’t become the factor to hinder their size or capacity. Now the question arises what should be the best suitable choice for your facility? A field erected cooling tower would work best for a facility whose heat rejection load is in excess of 5000 tons; on the other hand, if the required capacity is about 1400 tons, then the factory-assembled module should be considered as a practical choice for the same. If your facility’s required capacity is somewhere between these two, then both options can be assessed for decision-making.

The factory-assembled cooling towers are composed of cells that are bounded by the walls. The cells are the smallest tower subdivision that helps it function independently when it comes to airflow and water flow. These cells of factory-assembled cooling towers are typically larger than about 1400 tons.

Repairs and replacement of cooling towers by Tower Tech

You will not always need a replacement every time your cooling tower malfunctions. Getting it repaired by experts can add to the years of functionality; sometimes, there is just a single component that needs fixing. We at Tower Tech conduct a professional evaluation of your existing cooling tower at the facility. The next step is where we address the concerns of the cooling tower, if there are any, or recommend a new installation if the damage is irreparable.

These evaluation processes are great for determining and planning out well preventative maintenance moving forward. Adding maintenance to the routine is crucial to keep cooling towers running efficiently for years to come.

What makes Field Erected Cooling towers a good choice?

Since they are built on-site, they utilise materials that help construct customised towers that meet your industry’s specific needs. And today’s modern world, industrialisation has grown larger, and with that manufacturing process has increased, leading to excessive heat production. Heat production can cause serious health issues to humans; it is harmful even to the machines on-site due to overheating.

Field erected cooling towers possess the ability of a high-level heat rejection load. These pultruded cooling towers are considered convenient as there is no hassle of shipping and no constraints on size or shape of capacity, and they can accommodate just the right way to your facility.

What can stand out for you is reaching out to the right professional; whether you want a cooling tower for a new application or need to make repairs or potentially replace an existing one, look no further than Tower Tech. Contact us to get started today!