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Construction Oct / 15 / 2021

The Installation Process Of The FRP Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is a cooling gadget, which makes use of the evaporative cooling of water mechanism and produces cool air in areas that require the dissipation of high amounts of heat, for example – manufacturing industries. The process of operating a cooling tower can be cost-effective if the installation and maintenance are carried well. […]

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Construction Aug / 18 / 2021

Quick Tips on How to Improve The Cooling Tower’s Efficiency

The efficiency of cooling tower assumes a serious part in the general effectiveness of businesses that involve mechanical cooling systems in place. The cooling tower is a basic segment of the cooling systems installed, and therefore keeping up with and further expanding its productivity is considered useful, if not essential. Cooling towers comprise various parts […]

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Construction Oct / 30 / 2020

The Demolition of Cooling Tower And Crossflow Tower Establishment

Cooling towers require constant maintenance to keep it diligent. It is vital to keep industrial cooling towers thriving because of a company’s worker health and safety are at stake and its reputation and operational efficiency. All these can be fiercely affected by the risky condition of a single cooling tower. What you need to look […]

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Construction Jun / 30 / 2020

A Brief Guide On Replacing The Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling tower fills play a significant role in the process of transferring heat. It also plays a part in keeping deadly bacteria from flourishing inside the cooling towers. Mineral, scale, and biological deposits on cooling tower fill can speedily become breeding grounds for deadly bacteria which becomes the cause of Legionella growth in your cooling […]

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Construction May / 28 / 2020

Factors That Cause Legionella Growth In Cooling Water Systems

What is Legionella? Legionella is bacteria that are found to naturally occur in freshwater sources. They are found in water bodies like rivers and lakes generally in low amounts and therefore do not lead to diseases. Contaminated water building systems or cooling towers are responsible for most Legionnaires’ outbreak. Legionnaires’ disease is a serious and […]

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Construction May / 20 / 2020

What You Must Know About Cooling Tower Fill Media

There are major components in cooling towers that make the process of heat exchange possible and efficient. One of those essential components is the cooling tower fill. Let us have a deeper look into understanding cooling tower fill media. What is Fill in Cooling Towers? One of the major parts of cooling towers is fill […]

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