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Blog , Cooling Tower Mar / 12 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Cooling towers are mostly used in the industrial sector for preserving the circulation of water at needed temperatures by exhausting the water heat to the atmosphere. The dissolution can be carried out using air, or evaporation of water can also be used. The oil refineries, thermal stations, HVAC systems, nuclear power plants, and chemical plants are the areas for stationing the field-erected cooling towers. Forced or Natural air circulation is used in order to preserve the needed efficiency of operation of the building and the equipment being used in the process.


Growth in the world’s population has given rise to the many residential and commercial buildings over the globe. Plus, the migration of people from rural to urban areas has boosted the demand for energy, fuel requirements, and HVAC systems construction. Such factors together launch the benefit of cooling towers to rise in many end-use applications.

Growing Demand:

The developing population has also directly impacted the amount of power being generated. FRP cooling tower is an essential part of the power plant, have witnessed a healthy rise. In the future, it is expected to enhance by the rising demand and growth in the population in the coming years.

Furthermore, the FRP towers are the heat exchanging devices that reject the waste heat to the atmosphere by cooling the hot water stream to a lower temperature using the cooling tower’s airflow. These towers can be fashioned according to the need and they will stand as the most viable solution to carry out heat dissipation from the energy-producing plants. Such an industrial sector does not have a proper cooling solution at present, which will benefit these towers to grow in number.

Plus, as the concerns over carbon emission expand, the conventional power plants using fossil fuels for operation are less favoured for power generation, which is one of the significant applications for cooling towers. Renewable energy has signed a notable growth over the past decade across the globe. They are being looked upon as one of the best-known replacements for conventional power sources in every sector. Moreover, renewable sources are expected to grow at a healthy rate in the coming years and enhanced the renewable energy market.

The market is divided into two types wet and dry cooling towers. The wet cooling tower uses the water evaporation technique, which results in better operational efficiency as compared to dry operations, whereas only the natural airflow is used for cooling the circulating water.

In wet towers, the hot water coming from industrial processes and equipment is spurted from the top of the cooling tower over a fill media using nozzles. Such spraying slows down the water’s speed. It exposes the highest possible water surface area to the air moving upwards in the direction of a fan’s low-pressure area. During the process, some part of the water gets vaporize and lastly, the chilled water is collected at the bottom is used for recycling.

cooling tower

Induced draft cooling towers:

The induced draft cooling towers are furnished with a fan placed at the top of the cooling towers, making a low-pressure area. Therefore, forces the atmospheric air to enter from the bottom to flow of the cooling towers in an upward direction. It ensures that cooling is at maximum exposure to circulating air is maintained, which results in water evaporation. Further, induced draft towers comprise high exiting velocities of air from the cooling towers that ensure no recirculation of air, as in the natural draft cooling tower and the forced draft cooling towers.

As regards, the market is divided into HVAC, power generation, gas and oil and others. The electricity rise in demand has made an exponential rate in the last years owing to the increase in population and urbanization witnessed across countries. This has resulted in a crucial portion of the cooling tower being used in the power generation sector. Conventional sources like oil, petroleum and oil products still make a considerable share in the whole world and it is going to continue slow growth in the overall power mix.


The competitive landscape of this market represents a market dominated by cooling tower manufacturers like Tower Tech. Tower Tech cooling tower carries the maximum market share and the company has a sturdy product portfolio of dry cooling towers. The custom-made cooling tower manufactured with pultruded fibreglass remains the attractive solution even in the poorest industrial ambiance.

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