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Blog , Cooling Tower Jan / 18 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Cooling towers are one of the most efficient, cost-effective cooling mechanisms on the market today. However, not monitoring your cooling towers periodically can affect their efficiency big time. Proper monitoring and time-to-time maintenance are crucial to making your cooling tower last longer. This ultimately benefits your facility by:

  • Decreasing the amount of consumed water
  • Reducing the usage of chemicals needed for water treatment
  • Saving energy
  • Ultimately, reducing overall costs

This article is about breaking down the simple ways you can revisit how your cooling tower operates. Ensuring proper cooling tower operation involves undertaking many aspects, and missing any of those poses some threat to the tower’s function and efficiency if not regularly maintained and monitored.

Make your cooling towers last longer by keeping these key maintenance elements in mind.

Maintain proper Airflow

Generally, in cooling towers, confined air flow stands to be one of the common reasons behind the poor performance of the towers. This issue, when not addressed adequately, can even lead to a complete system breakdown. The inadequate airflow in the cooling towers could cause the fan to struggle and hinder its performance, and the air is likely not to feel cool. Many issues cause interruptions in the airflow; they could be scale, clogged filters, poor water treatment, packed tower fill, or misaligned or lubricated fan.


Inspect the Machinery

All kinds of Cooling tower manufacturers emphasise the inspection of cooling systems. One can only ensure proper cooling tower maintenance when one is regularly inspecting the machinery. Some components of cooling towers require regular monitoring, like its water pump that can easily become problematic if not routinely lubricated, ensuring seamless operation during pumping. When you use a well-maintained pump with no resistance, which can smoothly move back and forth, you will notice improved efficiency and lower cost. Keep the pump’s alignment in check and add lubricant to the motor bearing for improved maintenance.

Clean Cooling Tower Tubes

The condenser tubes inside chillers or AC units cater to a vital function in the heat exchange process of a cooling tower. Like any regular tube, even these tubes are prone to get fouled without periodic maintenance. Even build-up like algae, slime, scale and mud remarkably reduces the system’s cooling capacity, which will eventually result in a complete breakdown if not treated on time. So in order to help them last longer, clean your cooling tower tubes consistently.

Treat All Water

Regular water treatment is essential to ensure the longevity of the cooling systems. We have been knowing cooling towers as a hunting ground for legionella, known to make humans severely ill. And hence, legionella treatment is a must for maintaining the efficiency of cooling towers. Event other types of water treatment benefit the cooling tower and improve its efficiency as a whole. The buildup like scaling, biofilms, and even corrosion can occur because of water quality issues like the presence of biological pollutants and imbalanced pH. The proper water treatment prolongs the machinery’s life and helps keep the environment healthy and safe from the hazardous presence of Legionella bacteria.

Eradicate Scaling and Deposits

Be natural draft cooling towers or evaporative ones, they all create water vapour through evaporation. This is the reason why they are exposed to the risk of Legionella outbreaks as it is a result of contaminated water. Tower’s regular operation involves the process of water evaporation that contributes to scaling and other deposits. Limescale is responsible for reducing the overall efficiency of the cooling tower, which causes it to crash down by playing a catalyst in hindering the cooling system’s intended heat transfer.

Work with cooling tower maintenance experts.

Developing a regular maintenance plan is key to keeping up with the efficiency of your cooling tower systems for a long time. Having an awareness of potential cooling tower water treatment and other such issues gets the job half done for you. Knowing how to solve them is the next crucial step to attaining the success and efficiency of the process.

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