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Blog , Cooling Tower Dec / 26 / 2019
Written by Jignesh Shah
evaporative cooling tower

Industrial water cooling towers are designed to eliminate the heat from a building or a facility. The heat is reduced by passing an air that comes from the sides, through the falling water. When the air passed through the water, heat is exchanged and the water evaporates. The cooled water is stored at the bottom of the tower which is reused by pumping it back into the plant. Cooling towers facilitate the entire plant with large scale air-conditioning.

The primary use of cooling towers is for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to serve industrial purposes. This system is a proven cost-effective solution for industries for making operations energy efficient. The HVAC systems are used in large buildings, mostly industrial and commercial buildings like corporate office buildings, school buildings, and hospital buildings. However, industrial cooling towers are considerably larger than HVAC systems and used to remove absorbed heat in power plants, natural gas processing plants, food processing plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial facilities.

These cooling towers required to maintain regularly. An industrial unit with a cooling tower should develop a cooling tower maintenance plan to keep its performance up to the mark and keep the repairing cost to the minimum. Just like the cooling towers, the chillers should also have a regular maintenance plan. Any commercial or industrial air conditioning system will fail to give the required performance eventually in the absence of a proper maintenance plan. With excellent maintenance lower utility bill costs and energy efficiency can be achieved with other operational benefits.

Cooling Tower

Let’s see how to maintain industrial cooling towers and chillers for keeping the operations flawless:

Removing scale deposits:

Cooling towers work by evaporation, which leads to a periodic buildup of scale deposits on the fill. Existing minerals in the water are the main cause behind the development of these deposits. If there are water treatment issues, then you may have to opt for removing scale deposits more frequently. If the problem is not addressed effectively on time, then along with poor efficiency and performance of the HVAC system, you may also face premature deterioration of your unit. By descaling your system regularly, you can improve energy conservation and keep your monthly energy bills under control.

Ensure that the airflow is proper:

Airflow interruptions can be caused by several factors, such as improper alignment of the fan, loose components, and poor performance of gearbox. Poor airflow does not only reduce the cooling levels of air, but it can also lead to the breakdown of the entire system. Damaged fan blades also affect the airflow quality. While inspecting the unit, you should check whether debris is present within the tower or fill. The airflow also often blocked by the piled up sludge on the basin floor, which should be removed using a tower vacuum. To reduce the bacterial and algae growth inside the cooling tower, you should add a biocide.

Keep the tubes clean:

Tubes filled with contaminants such as algae, mud, slime, and scale can make the unit inefficient and often leads to breakdowns. Whether the tubes are partially or completely clogged, they should be cleaned regularly. The frequency of cleaning tubes depends on water quality and rates of buildup. Every unit will face build-up of some kind and to determine how often cleaning is required, you should rely on experts. When the cleaning is part of your regular maintenance schedule, you won’t face total blockage and you can also remove debris easily. Find a reliable professional who can effectively clean the entire tubing network of your unit efficiently.

Keep the water pump in perfect condition:

If the water pump is not working properly, it won’t carry the warmer water to the chillers for cooling sufficiently. With the efficient pumping system, you can not only achieve the excellent performance of air conditioning, but you can also save on monthly energy bills. A well-maintained water pump will easily move the water back and forth, making the operation easier. Keep the pump off when the chillers are not working. The pump should be well lubricated and so does the motor bearings and water seal. You should also check the alignment regularly.

Opt for water treatment:

Along with keeping your HVAC system in perfect condition, you should also focus on the water quality as often problems like major scum buildup and system breakdown can be caused by poor water quality. You should invest in an effective water treatment plan that keeps your system’s performance up to the mark and enhances its lifespan.

Hiring professionals for the maintenance:

When it comes to cooling tower maintenance, you should rely on experienced industrial cooling towers manufacturers. They can create an effective maintenance plan for your cooling towers that will keep your operation error-free. They also have the right tools and equipment to carry out the job. Before you hire these professionals, you should order online reviews and ratings to determine whether the company is capable of catering to your cooling tower maintenance requirement.

Final thought: 

Keeping the industrial cooling towers and chillers well-maintained is essential to have the luxury of error-free operation. By investing in a regular cooling tower maintenance plan, you will enhance the lifespan of the system and you can also keep the energy bills under control. You can easily find industrial cooling tower manufacturers in India who can cater to your needs with perfection.