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Blog, Cooling TowerMay / 09 / 2022

Cooling Tower VS. Chiller: Working Mechanism And Difference

If you have heard about a cooling tower then you must have come across the term chiller as well at some point in time. Because both cooling towers and chillers are utilized for a variety of cooling applications, the question here is what are the differences between the two types of cooling systems? If similar […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 27 / 2022

What Is An Industrial Cooling Tower, And How Does It Work?

The industries produce a lot of heat that continues dissipation which is crucial for working efficiently. This is performed via a heat exchange procedure. This is called the basis of the cooling tower of industries. Even though these cooling towers have been used since the 20th century, still, the knowledge about them is limited. Some […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 20 / 2022

How Does A Natural Draft Cooling Tower Work?

When it comes to cooling towers, they are an open direct contact type of heat exchanger where warm water from a condenser or the system gets low temperature through direct contact with fresh air. In cooling towers, the concept of water evaporation against the airflow is used. To get more surface for heat transfer, warm […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 15 / 2022

Crossflow Cooling Tower: A Quick Overview

Because effective heat exchange is a critical need in the design of an HVAC system, the type of cooling tower you choose to meet the specific cooling requirements of your project must be carefully considered. It is possible to examine cooling tower capabilities after defining the process characteristics necessary for your application – tonnage, range, […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 08 / 2022

Cooling Tower Heat Transfer Fundamentals

A cooling tower is used to remove heat from a facility or a building. Spraying water helps to dissipate the heat and bring the temperature of the building down. Air enters from the sides of a tower, and it flows past the falling water. This air thus helps in the transfer of heat to the […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMar / 24 / 2022

Quick Tips For Improving The Efficiency Of Your Cooling Tower

A cooling tower doesn’t impact your facility but provides you with proper atmosphere control and optimum temperature. It also plays an integral part in the complete circulation plan of your building. A perfectly built and installed cooling tower will ensure the following things: Increase the administrative life Fewer work expenses Energy efficient Less amount of […]

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Cooling TowerMar / 21 / 2022

Before Hiring A Cooling Tower Water Treatment Company, Here Are Some Questions To Ask

For industrial organisations that have a cooling tower as part of their facility, a cooling tower water treatment system is frequently required in order to maintain an effective operation and a long equipment service life. If cooling tower water is not treated, organic development, fouling, scaling, and corrosion can occur, resulting in decreased plant productivity, […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMar / 17 / 2022

How Do You Overcome Common Cooling Tower Problems

Cooling towers are heat exchangers, used to cool enormous structures and eliminate heat developed from industrial or huge mechanical action. These towers use water evaporation to eliminate excess heat generated during the process. In any case, cooling towers can confront a scope of issues that can bring about wasteful cooling or harm. To stay away […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMar / 10 / 2022

Cooling tower & Chillers – All You Need to Know About Them

What are chillers? Buildings need air-conditioning, and A/C units are what usually accommodate the smaller buildings. Choosing a centralized system for bigger buildings or commercial centers is more cost-effective. Centralized systems use ‘chillers’ that are nothing but huge A/C units, and they work slightly differently considering the size they come in. Difference between cooling tower […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerFeb / 16 / 2022

Different Types of Open-circuit Cooling Towers: A Quick Guide

Industrial and manufacturing establishments must use cooling towers. The most prevalent cooling tower designs are the closed-circuit and open-circuit cooling towers. To better understand open-circuit cooling towers, we’ll go through the five most prevalent configurations. Even though most cooling tower systems are located in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, an increasing number of office buildings […]

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