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Blog, Cooling TowerSep / 22 / 2022

What are FRP Cooling Towers Used For?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, which is what “FRP” stands for, is the name of the material. If that’s the case, what is it? Even though it is just a cooling tower, it is made of a material called FRP, which stands for fiber-reinforced plastic. The cooling towers are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and are a good […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerSep / 16 / 2022

All You Need To Know About Cooling Tower Packing and How to Maintain Your Cooling Tower Performance

What types of Cooling Tower Packing are there? The packing in cooling towers is varied in different shapes and sizes, and it becomes very important to understand when and where you can choose to use each type. The packing of a cooling tower holds immense importance, for it will be inevitable over the typical life […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerSep / 12 / 2022

What are the Functions and Purpose of a Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a device for heat removal that uses water to transfer waste heat into the atmosphere. When warm water is mixed with a cooler, the air released after this latent heat of vaporization cause the water to cool. If you are living in a building and have looked down, you might know […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerAug / 27 / 2022

Reasons Why Performing Cooling Tower Inspections Regularly Is Important

Cooling towers are a necessary part of many factories. They keep the factory environment at a safe and healthy temperature, and can also be used to produce coal or other materials. But, with constant use, it’s important to check the cooling tower regularly to make sure it is in good shape. Cooling towers can often […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerAug / 24 / 2022

Crossflow Cooling Towers – An Advantageous Choice For Various Industries

Industries that utilize a great deal of heat and require efficient cooling. And this is where crossflow cooling towers come to their rescue. The towers use a continuous flow of air to remove heat from an industrial process or facility. Crossflow towers are advantageous because they can be customized to fit a specific need, they […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerAug / 15 / 2022

The Role and Functions of the 5 Most Important Cooling Tower Parts

A cooling tower is a special kind of heat exchanger or a tower in which air and water are brought in touch with each other or, in short, it reduces the temperature of the water. When this occurs, a small volume of water evaporates, reducing the water temperature and then circulates through the tower. When […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerAug / 09 / 2022

A Simple, But Useful Guide to Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Induced Draft Cooling Tower is a technology that uses air conditioning to cool down water used in industrial processes. It is an energy-saving technology that reduces the cooling that the water requires to run the cooling tower, saving energy and money. Induced Draft Cooling Tower uses a fan to force cool air into the water […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerJul / 18 / 2022

Choose the Right Cooling Tower to Meet Your Needs

More often than not, the annoying noises coming from the cumbersome air moving systems in some kinds of cooling towers. Even the most efficient industrial cooling tower manufacturers cannot resolve it unless businesses learn how to choose the right type of cooling tower for their facility so that they can prevent any sorts of malfunctions […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerJul / 11 / 2022

Quick Tips About Cooling Tower Safety And Maintenance

Regular cooling tower maintenance is essential if you want to make the most of its lifetime and maintain it in top condition. All safety measures must be followed when cleaning and sanitizing cooling towers. The importance of both safety and maintenance cannot be overstated. Read on to learn more about cooling tower safety concerns, what […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerJul / 07 / 2022

Fundamentals of a Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Industrial facilities usually require the usage of a lot of fluids and different equipment; hence they need to be cooled from time to time. Most of the time, it is the water that plays a huge role in the process of cooling. Cooling water, when entirely used, absorbs heat and loses its efficiency and effectiveness […]

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