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Blog, Cooling TowerJan / 09 / 2023

The Three Major Types of Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are mechanical systems that are used to remove excess heat from industrial processes and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. A cooling tower works by using heat transfer mechanisms to dissipate heat into the environment, allowing the cooled water to be recirculated back into the system. There are three major types of […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerDec / 23 / 2022

4 Ways for Maintaining Industrial Cooling Towers and Chillers

How much would you want to increase the efficiency of your cooling tower? Factory energy and fuel expenses cost businesses billions of dollars each year. There has never been a better moment to buy energy-efficient items since they are now more affordable than ever. However, since HVAC systems are the most significant energy users in […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerDec / 20 / 2022

A Complete Guide To The How A Cooling Tower And Chiller Works Together

If your company’s production relies on precise low temperatures, you probably already know a lot about industrial chillers. If this is your first time, there are some important factors to consider. You may be wondering how cooling towers and chillers work. You may also be thinking, “What is best for my business?” With that in […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerDec / 15 / 2022

Improving The Efficiency Of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

It is a direct contact tower that is open to the air and is commonly used in industrial facilities where the total heat rate is approximately 450MW. Hot air rises to the top of the tower, and cold water gets collected at its base. The fresh air is located at the bottom of the natural […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerDec / 09 / 2022

Advantages of Round Bottle Cooling Towers‍

Cooling towers have gained immense popularity in the market because of their ability to nullify the heat produced during the production processes. Cooling towers are the heart of the industrial world for their significant benefits. There are different types of cooling towers available in the market with plenty of benefits to look at. The most […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerNov / 25 / 2022

The Function of an Evaporative Cooling Tower

Evaporative towers, often known as cooling towers, are used to dissipate heat from a liquid through a gas. The gas phase is often made up of air or water vapor, and the liquid phase is made up of water. In other words, a heat exchanger between air and water that, by removing heat from the […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerNov / 21 / 2022

What Is The Purpose Of FRP Cooling Towers?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics are referred to as FRP. So what exactly is it? It’s just a cooling tower. However, the type of material it’s constructed of is FRP. Moderate in size and relatively simple to install are the FRP cooling towers. You have no justification for not getting one since they can fit in a […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerNov / 14 / 2022

What Is The Best Management Practice for Cooling Tower Management?

Evaporative cooling towers (water cooling towers) are the best gear to eliminate process heat from construction with the most minimal power. The reason for a water cooling tower is to scatter heat from recycling water used to cool climate control systems. It vanishes some level of flow water to cool the water temperature which is […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerNov / 10 / 2022

9 Crucial Parts of the Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers in which air and water are brought into contact to remove heat from the water. The water is cooled by evaporation, and the evaporation of water cools the air. Cooling towers are used in various industries, including power generation, chemical processing, and food and beverage manufacturing. Working of a […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerOct / 24 / 2022

What Is The Working Principle of Natural Draft Cooling Towers?

Water is generally heated for all industrial processes or for an air condensing processor to be cooled. This to ensure minimum damage to the environment. Hence to cool this water cooling towers like Natural Draft Cooling towers are used. The water is pumped into these towers with the help of pipes. The water is exposed […]

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