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Blog, Cooling TowerJun / 18 / 2021

What is a Cooling Tower? Their Uses and Advantages.

What is a cooling tower? Cooling towers are a particular type of heat exchanger that provides water and air to contact each other to reduce the hot water temperature. During the cooling tower performance process, small volumes of water evaporate, decreasing the temperature of the water that’s being circulated throughout the cooling tower. In summary, […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMay / 21 / 2021

Understanding The Types Of Cooling Towers And Their Differences

Different types of cooling towers Cooling towers are crucial parts of the industrial processes. These tall water cooling structures actually play a significant role in industrial and HVAC comfort cooling processes. And might come off a bit surprising to you, knowing that there is so much more to these cooling towers than you could know. […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMay / 17 / 2021

Importance of Maintenance: Natural draft and evaporative cooling tower

Natural Draft & Evaporative Cooling towers are employed to cool down water that goes through chillers and other heat exchanger apparatus. Ultimately, it is a heat rebuff device that utilizes the evaporative cooling process to carry waste heat from the atmosphere. Not having your cooling tower well maintained can lead to leakages and standing water […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMay / 13 / 2021

What are FRP cooling towers and what you should know about them

FRP means Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics. So what is it? It simply is a cooling tower, but the FRP is the kind of material it is made of. The FRP cooling towers are of medium size and relatively easy to install. Due to their size, you have no reason for not getting yourself one as they […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMay / 06 / 2021

Crossflow Cooling Tower: Belongs to the Family of Mechanical Drift Cooling Towers

The crossflow cooling tower relates to the family of mechanical flow cooling towers. The upward flow of the air chills down the hot water raining down from the hot water container at the top onto the cold water bowl at the bottom. Cooling towers are required as they have a lot of applications in various […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 30 / 2021

Considerations To Prevent Bacterial Growth In Cooling Towers

The surface inside a cooling tower or evaporative condenser framework must be maintained from the perspective of cleanliness. Maintaining cooling towers is a tedious undertaking, but is well performed by cooling tower manufacturers in India. Be that as it may, you need to clean the towers to guarantee enhanced thermal execution and to renounce the […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 22 / 2021

Cooling Tower: Types, Procedures, and Industrial Application

Industrial procedures and machines generate such large amounts of heat that continuous radiation is necessary for effective operation. The heat must not be hazardous to the environment. This is by a heat transfer process. That is the foundation of cooling tower technology. It is impressive that despite cooling towers being machines of the 20th century, […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 14 / 2021

Evaporative Cooling Tower a Perfect Combination of Convenience, Style, and Functionality

The field-erected cooling tower is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective among the various cooling towers. It features a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality, making them successful in industrial constructions and residential buildings. Industrial machines and processes generate a tremendous amount of heat. And to ensure effective and non-stop operation, the excessive amount […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerApr / 02 / 2021

Ways To Reduce Operating Costs In Cooling Tower And Increase Its Efficiency As Well

Having efficient and reliable water management in place while operating cooling towers is essential. The water management program creates systems that use less water, energy and chemicals and at the same time experience far fewer failures and periods of downtime, which ultimately contributes to extended equipment span reducing the liability of human illness that is […]

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Blog, Cooling TowerMar / 22 / 2021

Working Of Air Conditioner With Cooling Tower Parts

Air conditioners work by collecting the hot air from the environment, processing it, and further releasing cold air into the same environment. It incorporates the functionality of 5 primary cooling tower parts, namely evaporator, condenser, refrigerant, compressor, and expansion valve. An air conditioner converts hot air into cold air with the help of the refrigerant […]

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