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Blog Aug / 24 / 2022

Crossflow Cooling Towers – An Advantageous Choice For Various Industries

Industries that utilize a great deal of heat and require efficient cooling. And this is where crossflow cooling towers come to their rescue. The towers use a continuous flow of air to remove heat from an industrial process or facility. Crossflow towers are advantageous because they can be customized to fit a specific need, they […]

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Blog Aug / 14 / 2021

10 Things you need to know about FRP Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are generally associated with major power stations and businesses. FRP cooling towers revisited the technology to develop a cooling tower in package size. FRP is Fiberglass reinforced plastic; the substance is corrosion-free and heat resistant. FRP is long-lasting too. Because they are constructed beforehand, FRP cooling towers are transported to the target building […]

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