Tower Tech Cooling System

Written by Jignesh Shah
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A cooling tower is a cooling gadget, which makes use of the evaporative cooling of water mechanism and produces cool air in areas that require the dissipation of high amounts of heat, for example – manufacturing industries. The process of operating a cooling tower can be cost-effective if the installation and maintenance are carried well. In this article, we shed some light on the best ways to install an FRP cooling tower.

Requirements Of Frp Cooling Tower Installation

No matter the type of cooling tower being installed, it depends on several conditions and equipment used by the cooling tower manufacturer. The FRP cooling tower manufacturers make it important to consider conditions like the ground, its load capacity, the location of installation, which are all of utmost importance. Individuals attending the installation of FRP cooling towers should pay much attention to the foundation of the cooling tower, the horizontal steel plate, its size, and the elevation level of the base points.

While you begin installing the FRP cooling tower, make sure it is placed horizontally when the water is installed. Take special note of the chassis, it is important to have someone stepping on the rope of the chassis, to make sure the chassis does not crush.

Cooling tower suppliers deliver the entire package consisting of pipes, bolts, and nozzles. The nozzles are available in three types to help the water distribution process. In the first case, the water distribution pipes can be assembled with slits. In the second type, the water distribution can be performed using nozzles, and thirdly a water distribution pipe with a round hole can be equipped and installed in a single row by ensuring that the angle between the hole and the horizontal direction is 30°. If you prefer installing it in the double draw installation process, make sure the angle of 60°.

Installation Of The Body Of The Tower

FRP cooling towers should be installed in places with proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential for the tower to perform at its utmost capacity and produce the cooling effect neutrally. When the body of the cooling tower is to be installed, the water pump takes the water from the tank and sends it to the tower. Once the water is cooled, it flows from the bottom, collecting down into the condenser.

It is because of such intricate cases that the FRP cooling tower manufacturers share the drawing for study before trying the physical work. Make sure the alignment is straight the equipment is firm, stable and the direction position of the outlet pipe and a cooling tower nozzle is placed on the correct areas. There may be instances where the nozzle and the outlet pipe are placed in the opposite direction or place of each other. Check out the drawing carefully before taking the final step.

Benefits And Uses Of Round Cooling Tower

Installing Different Parts Of Frp Cooling Tower

There are different types of cooling tower fills, for example, paper honeycomb type, diaphragm type, pattern type, and weave type. The cooling tower fills are installed as a different segment compared to the entire cooling tower installation process. To begin with, the tower fills are made from plastic sheets.

Each tower fills have four pieces that are joined together. The middle of the film is fixed using galvanized bowls and each of the plates is separated using a plastic tube and a rubber gasket. There are two different methods used for mounting, namely – the bonding and frame trading method. For the frame trading method, a copper wire or a galvanized lead wire is used to introduce positive and negative transmission of the waveplates. The wave plates and the wire is assembled into a frame made of steel, also used as a mounting unit.

Water Distribution Gadget Establishment

There are two types of water distribution gadgets: fixed tube and rotary tube water distributer.

The cooling tower spouts should meet the specialized conditions or plan necessities of the hardware. By and large, the distance between the water nozzles in the air is indicated by the spray angle and the height of the FRP cooling tower, so the water beads of every spout cross one another, and the water is equitably circulated to the spraying part of the cooling tower.

Besides the above, the FRP cooling tower also requires the installation of ventilation and the receiver. There are two kinds of ventilation equipment, namely the blast type and ventilation type. While installing the receiver, the water closet is generally fitted to the water distribution pipe, present in the water distribution tank. In some cases the water closet is placed above the water distribution tank, so that water is retained while air is discharged outside the tower.

This mechanism acts as a separator between the water drop and the air. The receiver acts as the area where the water eliminator and the fan can be seen working to maintain a certain distance, thereby preventing eddy currents as it may reduce the cooling effect.

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