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Blog , Cooling Tower Oct / 17 / 2018
Written by Jignesh Shah
cooling tower water treatment

Cooling towers while on work almost look like a part of the fantasy world as they create the smoky effect approaching the sky. Well, these beautiful looking heritage-like poles are used in the real world by several big industries. These are mainly used for heat reduction by releasing the excess warmth in the atmosphere. When it comes to water utilization, even then, cooling towers win the place. Every day more and more industries are adopting them because they are beneficial in many ways.

cooling tower water treatment

Chances maybe you have already been using a cooling tower water treatment system that needs replacement. Don’t get dubious, check out these points and find out yourself.

Unmanaged Alkalinity and Ph Levels

Like every machine, cooling towers also lose their performance and functionality with time. As a result, an unbalanced level of Alkalinity and pH takes place in the cooling tower’s water. Maintaining a proper balance of both of these factors is vital otherwise, in the long run, it may lead you to corrosion of equipment and eventually failure of parts.

Make a call to the expert and let him check if everything works fine and the levels of Alkalinity and pH are up to the mark. If not or there is some major blunder, then maybe it is time to replace the cooling tower.

Clogged Internal Piping

The second and most obvious symptom is the clogged internal piping. By the time, when the tower or some of its parts fail to perform, calcium carbonate forms and covers the tubing that blocks the further cooling process. This issue can lead to a permanent breakdown, and that is not what you want of course.

So, make sure, every part works finely, and there is no hardness in water in the cooling tower parts.

Birth of Microorganisms

Birth of Microorganisms

Another trouble that you may face in aged water cooling towers is the growth of the microorganism. The seriousness depends on the conditions of your plant where issues like corrosion may also occur. If not treated on time, the fungi and algae may grow to an unmanageable extent that leads to many diseases.

Call a specialist and ask to perform the necessary tests to determine if a replacement is needed.

Not Utilizing Water Properly

Many industries are set up in places where there is a lack of water and supply is limited. A faulty evaporative cooling tower can worsen the situation by not utilizing the water efficiently. This way, you can end up using more water supply, and in the end, an increased fee on the bills.

A new water cooling tower can help you to a great extent by utilizing the water as much as possible and hence no additional water bills.

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Call an expert to test out all these aspects and determine if your cooling tower water treatment system needs a replacement or repairs. Contact cooling tower suppliers for budget-friendly spare parts and maintain the quality of the tower.

This way, paying attention to regular tests can save you many bucks and lots of effort. Your production goes on smoothly while not forming any bad factors like corrosion or fungi. Many online places provide you with all the replacements and even new tower installations, all you need to do is one call or email and take advantage of the services.