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Cooling Tower PARTS

Cooling towers play a very important role in industries. It is nothing but a device that removes heat. Cooling tower components aid in the cooling of heat generated by industrial activities.

The increase in population is directly affecting the high requirements of the people. This has forced the industrial sectors to manufacture a variety of products. In this way, industries generate more heat. Such heat needs to be continuously cooled down by using cooling tower accessories.

Cooling Tower Accessories and their advantages:

1. Cooling Tower Packing

We have two types of media available that are film fill media and splash fill media. Both of them have their advantages. 


Film Fill Media:

If you are finding difficulty in handling the huge amount of heat produced by the industrial process, then this media is the perfect fit for you. Packing is one of the most important cooling tower components because it helps in optimizing cooling frequency at an economical cost. 

  • Produces more efficient heat transfer because it consists of a bigger surface area.
  • Capable to withstand high-temperature water.

Splash Fill Media:

If you are looking forward to handling dirty water or wastewater treatment plants, then this media is recommended for you. Moreover, it plays the main role in recirculating the low-quality of water which consists of high TSS or TDS.

  • Separates solid particles in the water which makes the filtration process much easier in wastewater treatment.
  • Capable of withstanding high-temperature water.

2. Nozzle


Among various cooling tower parts, the nozzle needs to be selected precisely because it plays a very crucial role in the distribution of water in the cooling tower.

Tower tech has ideal nozzle size and durability that respond to better cooling tower efficiency.

Our nozzle consists of a uniform pattern that would lead to a uniform flow of water over the fill as well as that would also not lead to gaps which usually causes between the spray areas.

  • Uniform water flow in the cooling tower
  • Doesn’t lead to lower resistance to airflow

3. Fans

Tower Tech provides fans that are capable of saving energy at 250MW. Hot water is evaporated through the cooling tower with the help of fans.

The fans we provide are designed with high-efficient aerodynamically FRP hollow blade as well as aluminum solid blade axial flow.

  • The top speed limit is about 70 M/s
  • Airflow is between 0.5 M3/s to 400 M3/s

4. Drift Eliminator


Drift eliminator is one of the essential cooling tower accessories. It is nothing but a device that prevents the water droplets and mist from escaping from the cooling tower during the process of evaporation.

  • Reduces harmful emissions of a chemical into the environment
  • Helps to prevent short circuits

5. Air Inlet Louver

One of the cooling tower parts that help in aeration during the procedure is the air inlet louver. Aeration is essential in any of the procedures that includes water as well as microbes.

  • Prevents icing problems
  • Reduces algal growth

Final words

If you are looking for a cooling tower with better durability, then you should prefer our cooling tower models as it is constructed with long-lasting components. Everything here is worth the price.

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