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Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is commonly used in industrial production to reduce heat from the plant and to increase production efficiency. Cooling towers range in size from tiny to extremely big and are used to cool industrial hot water.

A cooling tower extracts building heat into the atmosphere while returning cooler water to the tank. The industrial pipes send the heated water to a cooling tower. Because it absorbs heat in the chiller’s cooling coil, this heated water is referred to as condenser water.

India has been growing fast in terms of industrialization and production processes, so more factories are being built day by day, which will require more cooling towers in the production line. So, Towertech is the best option one should select as it has been the world’s best provider for cooling towers.

The interior features of cooling towers vary depending on the cooling demand of a structure. The size of a structure from which hot air must be removed determines the cooling capacity. 

What is a cooling tower?

The cooling tower removes the heat which gets generated due to manufacturing processes in the industry by transferring it to the atmosphere through the use of water. Most cooling towers work by draining a tiny amount of water that is reabsorbed through the device to remove heat from the water.

A cooling tower is a specifically formulated heat exchanger that puts air and water into close contact to reduce the water’s heat. Like a function, a little quantity of water evaporates, decreasing the temperature of the injected water through the tower.

Water is the main component in the cooling tower for removing the heat from one place to another. In additive manufacturing, tool and die-cutting, chemicals, lasers, milling machines, semiconductors, and other industries, all require cooling towers to keep goods and equipment cool.

How does the cooling tower work?

A Cooling tower works on the principle of the heat exchange process. It uses the thermodynamics principle of heat transfer of hot water to cold water. Tons of heat gets generated in the industry during the manufacturing process. This hot water needs to be cooled down before reusing for manufacturing.

In the cooling tower, hot water comes from the industries, and then it gets transferred through pipes to the top of the tower. After reaching the top, the hot water is sprayed through nozzles into the tower.

The hot water comes in contact with the environment and gets cooled. And the remaining cold water is then collected at the basin which is attached to the ground, and then is sent to the industry for reuse in the manufacturing process.

When the water from the heated reservoir is pumped into the cooling tower, it is sprayed into tiny droplets throughout the cooling tower fills, increasing the surface area of the water and allowing for enhanced heat transfer through evaporation.

Types of cooling towers:

According to the requirements of the industries, cooling towers are adjusted. Various types of cooling towers are available at towertech which gives the best cooling efficiency. Different types of cooling towers are explained below:

Crossflow Cooling Tower

In cross-flow type, the flow of hot water is in the opposite direction to the air. It has an FRP transmission basin with a target nozzle which is positioned at the top of the tower.

Water is evenly distributed across the fill medium by gravity, and water is permitted to flow vertically down the honeycomb fills.

The horizontal placement of the fan, which is directly connected to the motor, draws air over the fill medium. The heating from the excess water is removed by evaporating a little amount of water. Wet and warm air is pulled to the laterally positioned fan/motor and released to the environment through the vented deck.

The cooling tower collecting basin collects the leftover cold water, which is then reused by the industries for their application.

Middle East countries which are in the developing stage use a cross-flow type cooling tower as it gives the most efficiency in transferring the heat from the hot water.

Modular Cooling Towers

Modular Cooling Towers are a type of cooling tower in which it has at least one cooling tower module with extendable legs capable of sustaining the assembly when the completely extended operation is provided.

When more than one cooling tower module is utilized in an assembly, adjoining modules are joined at their frames.

The output airflow chamber has a motorized fan, and airflow forces enter the reservoir or airflow chamber at the base of the panels and go in a vertical direction through the fill sheets, through the exit plenum chamber, and out the fan cowl.

Round Shape Cooling Towers

The round shaped cooling tower is also commonly known as a bottle-type cooling tower. This cooling tower absorbs the heat from the industrial water and cools it to a temperature from 50 degrees to 4 degrees Celsius.

During the performance, the fan, which is directly connected to the motor, uses an induced draught process to remove heat. The heat energy from the water traveling through the fill media is removed by drawing air from the bottom air in the intake region and forcing it to go through the fill media.

The heat is removed from the remaining water as a portion of the water evaporates.

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