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In industries, cooling towers are placed for removing the unwanted heat, which gets generated from the running machinery during any manufacturing process. Due to more heat in the factory, the efficiency of the machine decreases, which affects the production of the products.

A natural cooling tower cools the hot water naturally by use of air. It does not contain any types of fans or fills so it is called a fill less and fanless cooling tower.

Water is chilled by increasing air traveling in the Natural type cooling towers, and the water is sprayed with Spray nozzles and covered with louver covers. Because there are no mechanical fans in this approach, it saves money on running costs.

The towers only need to be fastened down on the RCC/brick formwork foundation at the job site. The client is responsible for the implementation. Higher-capacity towers may be quickly constructed on-site and then erected in the same way as small ones are.

The objective of cooling tower fills is to get as much water to the surface area in touch with about as much air as possible for as long as necessary. Water forms thin streaming layers in film fills to expose as much surface of the water time as needed to the mixing flow.


We design the fanless cooling tower using scientific principles of thermal conductivity in which heat is transferred from boiling water to natural air and then combined to attain higher heat transmission.

The excess water over the fills has a significant impact on the cooling tower’s performance. Nozzles uniformly spread water across a broad spray angle. They are low in mass and help in reducing blockage. The nozzles sprinkle a rim of water around the filling in a straight line.

Towertech is the leading brand of cooling tower manufacturing in the industrial market. The fanless cooling towers are very economical and have been made from the best quality of materials.

The fanless cooling towers being natural type cooling towers are a perfect fit for improved performance with keeping water condition also intact.

Advantage of implementing a fanless cooling tower

  • Since the fanless cooling towers have no gearbox, fans, and motors, it does not produce noise.
  • There is no vibration.
  • There is no mechanical force needed for injecting water as the water falls freely from the top of the tower.
  • The maintenance cost of the tower is very low.
  • It saves a lot of electricity as compared to other cooling towers.
  • The capacity of the tower is 9 m3/hour and can be easily customized according to your industrial requirement.
  • This cooling tower is suitable for usage in thermoplastic processing facilities, small to large power stations, oil refineries, automobile industries, medicinal plants, and other applications.
  • Power consumption is very less as compared to fan type cooling tower.
  • The tower parts are non-acidic and non-corrosive.



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