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In manufacturing processes, a cooling tower is a major element. Its main purpose is to remove heat from the water involved in manufacturing operations. By using cold water, it lowers the amount of heat produced by boiling water. It is then transferred to the facility to be reused in the manufacturing process.

Crossflow, counter flow, and induced draught cooling tower types are available at TowerTech. The cooling tower determines the direction of airflow compared to the water running through the tower.

One or more fans in the crossflow cooling tower carry air through the sidewalls to a central casing across the downward flow of water, and expel it out the top of the tower.

When compared to counter flow and crossflow cooling towers, the induced draft have the following features as follows:

  • The effectiveness of the contact area is reduced.
  • The rate of airflow is higher.

An induced draught tower has a fan or blade attached towards the discharge side which causes the air to flow in an upward direction and hot water to be sprayed from the nozzle at the top of the tower.

This results in the separation of high and low air velocities and also lowers the danger of recirculation when discharged air returns to the air intake.

The following illustrates a cooling tower

  • In comparison to forced draught cooling towers, it is extremely efficient.
  • When compared to force draught design, it consumes half the energy.
  • There’s a fan on the top that pushes air through the fills.
  • Lower airflow rate quantity.

Running Operation of Induced Draft cooling tower

The flowing conditioning water is sprayed all through the cooling station with a spray dispersion head in an induced draft cooling tower. The water flows vertically through baffles to maximize the amount of time the water spends in contact with the air.

The cooling water fill, consisting of Upvc, timber, metal, or another element, maximizes the heat transfer contact area.

Through correctly constructed ‘body panels,’ air enters the inside of the cooling tower. Huge fans pull air through the baffled region, causing the water to cool. Special devices known as drift eliminators are employed to prevent water droplets from becoming entrapped in the departing airflow.

Benefits of FRP Induced Draft cooling tower

The FRP induced draft cooling tower is utilized to achieve a beneficial result which gives a high efficient amount of heat transfer and even water distribution. The cooling tower’s FRP segments can withstand a variety of pressures and impacts.

This cooling tower is widely used in various sectors, due to its compact design, excellent cooling performance, and can give a high amount of heat transfer.

Throughout most cases, the induced draught tower is the most effective and cost-effective cooling option. The following are only a few of its countless benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Installation and working are very simple
  • Low-noise environment
  • This cooling tower requires no maintenance and is corrosion-free.
  • Regardless of the temperature of the surrounding air, a steady flow of air is maintained.
  • By shutting down some cells, you can increase your operational flexibility.
  • Ability to adapt to high thermal performance
  • All forms of structures – wood, FRP, concrete, steel – are compatible.



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