The induced draft cooling tower or mechanical draft tower comes with a fan at the discharge end, which drives air upwards via the tower. The fan generates hot moist air out the discharge. This generates high exiting and low entering air velocities, lessening the chance of recirculation, in which, discharged air circulates back into the air intake. This fan or fin arrangement is also known as draw- through.

    The pinpoints of mechanical cooling tower are as follows,

    • Extremely efficient comparing to forced draft cooling tower
    • Employs 50% less energy while comparing to forced draft design
    • Contains a fan located on the top, which drives the air via the fills
    • An inlet fan is placed on the top of the cooling tower, which creates low pressure

    The frp induced draft cooling tower is designed to achieve positive output by optimal heat transfer and uniform water distribution. The frp segments of the cooling tower are strong enough to stand firm against various forces and impacts. This cooling tower is corrosion-free and maintenance-free.

    The highlights of the frp induced cooling tower are as follows,

    • Employs draw-through technology
    • High exiting air velocity
    • Highly durable
    • This frp induced cooling tower remains a good fit even in the limited space
    • Cleaning the cooling tower is rather than easy as access is allowed from all such sides
    • Low piping cost as a single inlet header is enough in regards to the design parameters
    • Low design cost
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Available in single cell and multi cell configuration

    Applications of FRP Induced Cooling Tower

    Due to its compact design, effective cooling performance and heavy duty, this cooling tower is extensively employed in industries like,

    • Process industries
    • HVAC applications

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