The round cooling tower is known for its outstanding design and technology. Being it round, the air flow in the cooling tower is evenly distributed. The tower design incorporates hot water inlet at the bottom collection sump flown vertically to the mechanical rotary sprinkler located above the fill media. The inlet water pressure rotates the sprinkler, featuring extended arm pipes with orifices to disperse water uniformly over the fill media. The evaporated water removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air, which is driven through the fan deck will be discharged to the atmosphere.

    The stand-out features of the bottle cooling tower are compact design, with varying flute sizes, to offer maximum heat transfer surface per unit volume and contact surface area.


    • Technology : counter flow-induced draft
    • High efficiency axial flow aluminum casted fan
    • The capacity is 9 m³/hour to 400 m³/hour
    • Construction material is fiber glass reinforce plastics
    • Structural component: mild steel hot dipped galvanized
    • Choice of water collection basin : with basin / without basin
    • The heat transfer media is cross corrugated pvc film fills
    • Water distributed by rotating sprinkler
    • High efficiency direct driven cooling tower standard electric motor
    • Factory fabricated and designed to be assembled at the job site
    • Clean water and industrial water are the choice of fills
    • The applications of this cooling tower are, process cooling, hvac, chemical plant, refrigeration, light to medium industrial,  pharmaceutical plant, steel melting and plastic processing plant.

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