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A cooling tower is a system that emits warm air from a production industry, by transferring it to the atmosphere through the use of water. All cooling towers work by dissipating a tiny amount of water that is reabsorbed through the device to remove heat from the water.

The round cooling tower by Towertech is very well known for its unique design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies. The heat transfer in the cooling tower is uniformly dispersed due to its round shape. 

The boiling water intake at the base collecting reservoir is directed upwards to the mechanical rotating sprinkler above the fill medium in the tower arrangement.

The sprinklers are rotated by the intake water flow, and it has extended arm pipes with nozzles to disseminate water equally across the fill medium. The heat is removed from the remaining water by the evaporated water. The warm wet air that is forced through the fan deck is released into the environment.

The bottle cooling tower has notable advantages in its compact form and varied flute sizes, which provide the most heat exchange surface per unit capacity and contact area.

Functions & Components of Round cooling tower

Bottle Design Cooling Towers are made of rust-resistant strong bottles that can endure wind gusts and shocks. This model doesn’t need to be painted and has a small design with a long lifespan.

Frames, fill, nozzles, drift eliminators, fan, air intake, and cold water basin are the essential parts of a cooling tower.


The tower shell is composed of durable fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with enough tensile rigidity to resist cold temperatures and shocks.

Mild polymers are mixed for a longer lifespan. The casing is resistant to corrosion, harmful UV sunlight, shocks, and tough weather conditions.


The hot water is distributed throughout the filler via an automatic rotating sprinkler system constructed of Polymer composite material, which includes a circular head and sprinkler pipe.

Sprinkler pipes are non-clogging, run at low pressure, and provide a consistent flow of water with a relatively low total pressure.

Drift Eliminator

Reduces the amount of water that is carried over from one application to the next. PVC is used for the draft eliminator so that it is strong and durable. To form the superstructure, the separate drift eliminators of S-shaped conductive layers are connected with succeeding layers.

As a result, the entire region is divided into numerous fine S-shaped microzones, each of which removes water droplets from the cell’s entire surface.

Axial Fan

Stimulated axial fans with changeable pitches have been specially developed to be energy efficient. Plastic, FRP, or made of aluminum are non-corrosive materials.

The engineering design which gives high efficiency ensures low running costs and maximum smoothness. The fan blades’ ratio is programmatically matched and factory-adjusted.

The towers are compact and lightweight, making them simple to transfer and construct. Mechanical and building expenses are also reduced as a result of being lightweight. Ceilings can be constructed with no extra supports. The water flow capacity is 9m3/ hour to 400m3/ hour.



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