Tower Tech’s rectangular cooling tower is available in different capacities and shapes. The warm water enters into the cooling tower by the inlet pipes and leaves out after decreasing the temperature. To increase the surface area, the hot water is splashed through the non-clogging splash caps over the fills/packing. Concurrently, the outside dry air is induced to the cooling tower with the efforts of cooling tower motor placed on the top.

    Owing to the counter contact of air and water, the evaporation will be resulted in the
    temperature drop. The air inlets are restricted to the lower part of the casing walls.  The air after passing through the functioning area leaves most of the entrained moisture in the new and the effective system of drift eliminators.

    Overview of Square / Rectangular Cooling Tower

    • Technology: counter flow-induced draft
    • Choice of fills: clean water, industrial water
    • This cooling tower is available in single cell and multi cell as per the customer requirements
    • The water is distributed by fixed low pressure drop deck spray nozzles
    • Construction material is fiber glass reinforce plastics
    • Heat transfer media: cross corrugated pvc film fills
    • The structural components are mild steel hot dipped galvanized, selected model available in pultruded fiber glass structure.
    • High efficiency axial flow aluminum casted fan
    • Selected model available with gear reducer direct drive electric motor
    • High efficiency direct driven cooling tower standard electric motor
    • The capacity is 70 m³/hour to 685 m³/hour in single cell and it can be customized according to the clients’ needs in multi cell.
    • Factory fabricated and designed to be assembled at the job site
    • The applications of the cooling tower are, process cooling, chemical plant, hvac, refrigeration, medium to heavy industrial, power generation,   light to medium industrial, steel melting / heating furnace, pharmaceutical plant, plastic processing plant, chemical plant.

    One Stop Solutions For All Your Cooling Tower Requirements

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