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Towertech is considered one of the leading square cooling tower manufacturer. They have a wide range of products with different shapes and capacities. The basic purpose of using a cooling tower is to let the water enter via the inlet pipes leaving the temperature decreased.

There are also ways to increase the surface area. Square cooling towers are easy for customization usage simply by splashing the hot water into the non-clogging splash present over the packing area. With this process, the dry area outside gets attracted to the cooling tower, as the cooling tower motor is placed on the top.

The entire machine works scientifically to counter contact the water as soon as the evaporation takes charge. The temperature drops the lower part of the casing walls, thereby restricting restrict the air inlets. The air leaves through the functioning area leaving most of the entrained moisture in the system of drift eliminators.

Prominent Features Of Square Cooling Tower

Below are some of the key features considered while purchasing square cooling towers.

Cast Aluminum Fan

The fans work towards the scientific principle of gravity and display a high volume of air, despite the lightweight. The axial flow fans are considered efficient because of the optimal aerodynamic forces that vary according to the duty position.

The axial flow fans can be run at rotational speeds to produce the necessary pressure. They are considered better than centrifugal fans because of the easy usability to draw air forward, eliminating any centrifugal effect generated during the airflow.

Built With FRP Material

FRP material is considered to have a high strength to weight ratio. They are used for building towers because of specific stiffness and the capability of chemical addition.

The labor and equipment cost of using FRP is relatively less given other advantages of less installation time, minimum service, and lessor no chances of downtime. FRP absorbs seismic blast energy, as such the material is often used as a polymer damper.

Counterflow Induced Drift Technology

Counterflow square cooling towers are typically in practice due to low-pressure spray nozzles capable of dividing the hot water equally over the infill surface. The spray nozzles distribute the water in fine droplets. The presence of a drift eliminator above the water distribution area rejects water in liquid form and keeps it in the circulating system.

Direct Driven Cooling Towers

Direct drive motors are common in square cooling tower design. They are useful because of the low maintenance requirements. There are several options under the right direct drive in which the motor directly drives the cooling tower fan.

The motor of a direct drive offers minimal maintenance requirements with high reliability. In most cases, direct-drive motors have permanent magnet motors. The use of the technology has grown over the past decade and is widely used in numerous applications that need powerful motors for operation.

Cross Corrugated PVC Film Fills

The basic advantage of using PVC film fills is to improve water distribution. The film fills work by cutting the water stream while flowing through the cooling tower fill pack. The counter flow system features a bonded end for strength and durability. The cooling towers operate by high thermal performance and low-pressure drop.

Each of them is balanced by the film fills in its appropriate engineered microstructure design, thereby maintaining high standards of manufacturing for cooling towers. One of the best efficient filling media is the PVC film fills.

Both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers employ their usage, although in most cases small size towers employ them. Their durability, reliability, and efficiency results in capital cost-cutting as well as reduced operational cost, thereby lowering the entire pump cost. The film fills offer heat exchange by distributing the water droplets into a thin molecular film.

Hot Galvanized Steel

There are several benefits of galvanized steel employed in cooling towers. To start with, the cost of galvanizing is lower than any other protective coating for steel. There is also fewer maintenance charges with advantages of long life, tough coating, complete protection, reliability with ease of inspection, and automatic protection against damages.

Prominent Features Of Square Cooling Tower

  • Square cooling towers are available as per customer requirements. For example, in a single cell and multi-cell.
  • The product is factory fabricated and commonly assembled at the job site.
  • The capacity of square cooling towers can be customized for both single cells as well as multicell products.
  • The product can be used in chemical plants, heavy industrial belts, power generation, HVAC, pharmaceutical plants, steel industries, and heating furnaces.

Square cooling towers are considered a cost-effective substitute for other cooling towers. Towertech, being a cooling tower manufacturer also offers installation. Towers are designed with nozzles to distribute water evenly over the filling area. Mostly designed either with PVC or heat-tolerant ABS material, square cooling towers are usually designed using fiberglass reinforced plastic, making them weather resistant and corrosion-free. One of the promising advantages of using a square cooling tower is the functioning of the drift eliminator towards reducing entrainment of water up to 0.02 percent of the flow rate.



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