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Blog May / 06 / 2021

Crossflow Cooling Tower: Belongs to the Family of Mechanical Drift Cooling Towers

The crossflow cooling tower relates to the family of mechanical flow cooling towers. The upward flow of the air chills down the hot water raining down from the hot water container at the top onto the cold water bowl at the bottom. Cooling towers are required as they have a lot of applications in various […]

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Blog Apr / 02 / 2021

Ways To Reduce Operating Costs In Cooling Tower And Increase Its Efficiency As Well

Having efficient and reliable water management in place while operating cooling towers is essential. The water management program creates systems that use less water, energy and chemicals and at the same time experience far fewer failures and periods of downtime, which ultimately contributes to extended equipment span reducing the liability of human illness that is […]

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Blog Feb / 16 / 2021

Manage The Biofilms Before They Take Control Of Your Cooling Tower System

Setting up cooling towers comes with its own set of challenges, biofilms are one of those challenges. Biofilms are usually found building in areas that are not accessible to biocide treatments. Once formed, they can rapidly grow to form biofouling deposits which end up causing corrosion damage, blockages, reduced heat transfer and increase the growth […]

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