Tower Tech designs the finest counter flow cooling tower that remains flexible to various industrial applications. In the counter flow cooling tower, the air flow and water flow directions are opposite to each other. The air flow first of all enters into the open area below the fill media and then it is driven up vertically. The top of the tower contains pressurized nozzles, from where the water is sprayed and the water flows down via the fill, and opposite to the flow of the air.

    Advantages of the Counter Flow Cooling Tower Design

    • The cooling tower remains resistant to freeze due to the spray water distribution.
    • The heat transfer becomes efficient because of the breakup of water in spray.

    Disadvantages of the Counter Flow Cooling Tower Design

    • Owing to the pump requirements, the long-term and initial costs are high.
    • Using variable water flow can be daunting, as the characteristics of the spray may be pessimistically affected.

    The counter flow cooling tower can be employed in mechanical draft and in natural draft cooling towers.

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