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In a counter flow cooling tower, the direction of the flow of water is in the opposite direction. The warm water is distributed at a right angle to the flow of air in crossflow cooling towers.

The counter flow cooling tower from TowerTech is an ideal fit for industry sectors. The air passes horizontally through the fills while the water falls vertically in the crossflow cooling water. The tower is also equipped with fins or splash-type fillings for more efficiency in the heat transfer process.

Splash-type fillings are suitable and adaptable for situations in which water picks up larger insoluble impurities. Various types of cross-flow cooling towers are available here, and you can select them according to your industrial needs.

Counterflow towers have pressured forced water nozzles, which enhances the single pump demand and overall system running expenses. They are also higher and more efficient than crossflow towers. 

For maintenance and inspection clearance can be done physically. This is similar to crossflow towers.

An exterior maintenance station is typically used to deliver the hot water spray distribution and drive system.

An a counter-flow cooling tower, the water from the factory is sprayed into a covered header tank. The header tank then distributes the water through the pipeline to nozzles, resulting in a pressurized water distribution network. The water supply system of a counterflow tower, however, requires the pumps to be switched off during maintenance work while cleaning the nozzles.

Key points of counterflow cooling tower

To function a counterflow cooling tower at 50% flow, the pressurized fluid pattern will most likely need to be changed to provide a properly sprayed fill.

When making the tower, the engineers design the tower according to some principles which makes the tower more efficient while in running condition. Some of the characteristics of the towers are as below:

  • When the extremely cold water strikes the hot and dry air, the tower’s performance is maximized.
  • The tower’s height is medium.
  • Droplet dispersion allows for more optimal air/water interaction.
  • The cooling tower is made from fiber reinforcement plastic.
  • The tower gives maximum efficiency when a standard electric motor is inducted for running the fan.
  • The cooling tower’s structure may be customized to meet the needs of the clients.
  • The towers components are dipped in hot-galvanized mild steel to give protection from rust.
  • The capacity of the cooling tower is 80 m3/Hour to 260 m3/Hour.
  • As a result of the low pumping head, the operational cost is reduced.
  • Allows for changes in water flow without requiring the distribution system to be changed.
  • Because there are no water droplets, there is less drift loss.
  • Due to the lack of water noise, there is less noise.Due to the lack of water noise, there is less noise.

Usage of Counterflow cooling tower

Not only in the industrial sectors, but there are several different applications of the counterflow cooling towers. Have a look at a few of them mentioned below:

  • In medical plant
  • Nuclear power station
  • Chemical and oil refineries plant
  • Thermal power plant
  • Small factory industries
  • In Boilers plant
  • Furnace plant



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