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As the revolution of industries gains its momentum from the 1960s, more industrial companies have been formed for the manufacturing of products. For manufacturing in bulk quantities, huge machinery is required for the fast production of goods.

Because of the ongoing usage of the machine, heat is generated in the plant, which reduces the efficiency of the production rate. To deal with this problem, businesses use cooling towers to remove the unneeded heat from the facility.

A cooling tower is a structure that extracts heat from a process and then transfers it to the atmosphere through the use of water. All cooling towers work by evaporating a tiny amount of water that is recirculated through the device to remove heat from the water.

Our Services

For proper running of the tower, one should always give time to time service so that it runs properly and removes the heat efficiently. Towertech gives the best quality of cooling tower services which one can get.

From our services, we can ensure and improve the plant’s operation to our clients’ needs. Based on skill or experience, our cooling tower services are tailored to all types and manufacturers of cooling towers.

Every industry look for the best services for their company, for increasing their production rate, and that’s what we provide here. With a team of skillful experts and engineers, we help in repairing, redesign, or altering some parts and make the cooling tower run smoothly.

By providing the following services, we can help you get the best performance for your cooling towers:

  • Routine servicing performed by one of our trained technicians will ensure that you get the maximum energy out of your power station.
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Ensure that load stress, surroundings, and operations are all in a consistent condition
  • Check the readings of the flow rate of the water
  • Reduce running costs while maintaining a high degree of performance.
  • Structure repair
  • Check up on the blades or fan of the tower, if needed to be replaced then it will be done free if it is in the warranty period
  • Spare parts
  • Regular maintenances and check up on the tower


A team of expert engineers and technicians go to the industry and do a technical diagnosis of the cooling tower and check whether it is Towertech cooling tower or any other company’s tower.

After looking properly at the current condition of the tower, a special maintenance plan is prepared for the improvement of the cooling tower on a long-term basis.

The Technical Diagnosis Team may identify new operations against original design performance by reviewing existing engineering and design records as needed. The following are some of the highlights of the review:

  • Inspects the last data or readings of the tower
  • Current maintenance techniques compared to Industrial Benchmarks
  • Look for signs of inaccuracy or damage in the structural validity of the
  • Service plans evaluation

Many cooling tower service companies provide services, but Towertech is
reputedly known in the industry market for giving the best services and

One Stop Solutions For All Your Cooling Tower Requirements