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Towertech Has Earned A span Reputation As A Reliable And Top Quality Service Provider, Guaranteeing And Enhancing The Thermal Performance Of The Plant According To Customers’ Requirements.

Our Services Are Geared To All Makes Of Cooling Towers, Irrespective Of Age Or Capacity. If In Any Cases Where Repairs Are Uneconomical We Are Also Equipped To Install New Units Normally Matching Existing Footprints So That Cold Water Basins And Foundations May Be Retained.

A Highly Qualified Team Of Engineers And Technicians Are Ready To Inspect, Repair, Upgrade, Rebuild And Maintain Your Cooling Towers In A Way That Is Both Responsive And Tailor Made To Suit Your Individual Circumstances.

All Industries Are Constantly Searching For Improvement Potentials In Their Process And Production. Our Service Teams Can Help You Get The Most From Your Cooling Tower And

  • To Prolong Equipment Service Life, Delaying New Capital Investment
  • To Reduce Operating Costs And Ensure The Optimum Level Of Performance
  • To Reduce Costly Down Time Due To Equipment Failures
  • To Ensure Safe Operating, Environmental And Working Conditions
  • Expert Inspection
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Structural Repairs
  • Thermal Upgrades
  • Erection And Project Services
  • Routine Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Spare Parts


Our Teams Can Perform All Necessary Tests And Analysis Technical :

Thermal, Structural And Acoustic, Environmental Constraints, Economical Balance, and Safety.

Technical Diagnosis:

A Team Of Specialist Engineers And Technicians Are Fully Dedicated To Test And Inspect Existing Cooling Towers Weather Manufactured By Towertech Or Any Other Supplier And Preparing A Tailored Maintenance Plan Even On A Long Term Basis.

Technical Diagnosis Is A Comprehensive, On-Site Inspection Of Your Cooling Tower That Will Diagnose The Current Conditions And Provide Recommendations For Improvements The Cooling Tower Operations Must Be Kept In Top Condition To Insure Efficient, Effective And Safe Operations.

Our Technical Diagnosis Team Can Review Existing Design And Engineering Documents As Needed To Evaluate Current Operation To Original Design Performance. The Review Includes:

  • Comparison Of Existing Temperatures And Flows To Design Specifications
  • Verification Of Actual Settings Versus Recommended Settings
  • Review Past Data Records For Trend Analysis
  • Mechanical Condition Of Equipment For Signs Of Inefficiency Or Deterioration.
  • The Existence And Condition Of Procedures
  • Current Maintenance Practices Versus Industry Standards
  • Analysis Of Maintenance Schedules

Following The Audit, Out Team Provides A Written Report Containing Findings And Recommendations For Improvement.

You Need A Technical Audit Of Your Cooling Tower? Contact Us How We Can Help You.


A regular maintenance assured by one of our experienced teams can guarantee you to get the most of your cooling tower. A poorly maintained cooling tower will cause a loss of performance.

Your cooling equipment needs regular maintenance? Contact us how we can help you.

After the diagnosis has been completed, we will propose an effective and economical solution for an improved or restored operation of your cooling tower.

We have a span know-how in cooling tower refurbishment, for which we a have a specialized team led by experienced managers with a solid technical background. They have the experience to act as reliable advisors at any stage of project


cooling towers may need Repairing/refurbishment or upgrading during their lifetime. We provides a wide range of Repairing/refurbishment and upgrading options.

Repairing/Refurbishment services extend the Cooling Tower operating life. They include repair or replacement of panels and structural components which are subject to corrosion or mechanical damage.

New technology and upgraded components can be incorporated into existing installations. These include:

  • Replacement fill pack options for easy maintenance
  • Various high efficiency drift eliminators (certified)
  • High Efficient Low Energy fans
  • Sound attenuation packages

Upgrades allow you to comply with any new regulations or standards. Upgrading your cooling Tower enhances the maintainability, thereby leading to optimal performance and safer operation. You want to upgrade your cooling tower? Contact us how we can help you.

One Stop Solutions For All Your Cooling Tower Requirements