The main purpose of cooling towers is to generate lower water temperatures. We cannot say that, the cooling towers available in the companies suit your needs. This is where you should reckon buying the custom made pultruded frp cooling tower designed by Towertech. The custom made cooling tower designed with pultruded fiberglass remains the stunning solution even in poorest industrial ambiance. These custom cooling towers modeled using stainless steel for fasterners, FRP sheets for cladding, pultruded FRP sections and other hardware. The Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester remains a best fit for renovation of old cooling towers and new projects.

    The field erected cooling tower consists of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). FRP has various advantages while comparing to the traditional constructional materials such as concrete, wood, steel and more. The advantages of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester are as follows,

    • Resistant to weather as it would not be damaged by snow, acid rains, UV, sandstorm and sunlight.
    • Fire resistance.
    • Corrosion resistance to sand, acid, salt and more.
    • The pultruded materials can be recycled and remains friendly to the surroundings.
    • The water flow capacity is 750 m3/hour to 4000 m3/hr in one cell model.
    • The pultruded material is resistant to temperature and this makes it a best choice for high temperature cooling water process application.
    • You can experience 50% reduction in erection time while comparing to the concrete cooling tower-longer service life.
    • Less maintenance.
    • The structures are linked to the foot of the cooling tower basin and hence no need to use the column structures and costly beam in the cooling tower basin.
    • It is addressable from 18 ft x 18ft to 54 ft x 54ft ground footprint in one cell construction.
    • This cooling tower can be used for all types of water including brackish water, sea water, chemical water and more.
    • The foundation loads will be low owing to its light weight, rigidity and high impact strength. All these factors let deformation with no fractures. Weight is 30% less than aluminum and 80% less than steel.

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