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Cooling Tower Mar / 21 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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For industrial organisations that have a cooling tower as part of their facility, a cooling tower water treatment system is frequently required in order to maintain an effective operation and a long equipment service life. If cooling tower water is not treated, organic development, fouling, scaling, and corrosion can occur, resulting in decreased plant productivity, downtime, and the need for expensive equipment repairs in the future. It is very important to hire a good cooling tower company so that such problems can be avoided.

In this article, we are going to discuss some questions that you should ask before hiring a cooling tower water treatment company. So, continue reading!

Examine and compare the proposals, taking into consideration the costs and benefits

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the specifics and process while switching to new cooling tower manufacturers. While the specifics of what services are being offered can be a little vague at times, comprehending what is being offered is the most important phase in the choosing process and should not be overlooked.

  • What is the difference in value between receiving service visits once a year, once every three months, once every month, or even once every week? Talk about the number of services you will receive in advance.
  • What are the payment options? Some organisations will charge monthly fees that appear to be smaller; but, depending on your requirements, you may want to consider paying in full upfront for a reduced total cost.
  • What are the clauses of termination? Make certain that it is in line with your company’s goals.
  • How to deal with the chemicals and equipment supplied by the previous suppliers? While you may have made an investment in a chemical inventory, it is difficult to guarantee the efficacy of a product that has been manufactured by someone else. As a result, in order to receive the best performance from your new water treatment system, you should utilise the chemicals given by the new supplier.

Evaluation and Repair of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Identify the differentiators that each organisation claims to have, and then hold them to that level of performance.

Understanding what distinguishes a company will make the purchasing decision easier, while also holding the treater to the same high standards that they are professing to be held to. There can be cases where a current vendor is meant to visit you on a monthly basis, but they may not visit you for months and offer poor services. This happens far too frequently. Check with the new company in advance and keep the terms and conditions of the number of visits very clear to make sure you both understand what is expected of them and that they are held to that expectation.

Get in touch with references and inquire about any previous reviews provided by each of the companies.

Unusually for a corporation, this has become a lost art. Most of the time, we don’t think about asking for references or evaluations from previous clients, but doing so will give us valuable information into how the process will unfold. In this way, you can ask questions that are similar to those you asked the vendor, and if any red flags are raised, you can easily contact that vendor to ask additional questions regarding the service you will be receiving. If necessary, you can even pay a visit to a present client and check if they are satisfied with the services or not.

Learn about the after-care services provided by each of your treatment providers.

The ability to predict and prepare for unforeseen expenses may prove to be cost-saving in the long run. Some companies may demand a higher price in exchange for covering future equipment maintenance and inspection costs. These should be discussed in-depth with the cooling tower company and included in the contract as a condition.

What level of maintenance will be required (excellent, better, best)? It is critical to keep your equipment working smoothly in order to save both time and money. What responsibilities do you have as a buyer in terms of maintaining the chemical feed equipment? Knowing this can help you differentiate the degree of service you require and can have a direct impact on pricing.

Wrapping Up

Investing in a cooling tower is a big decision so it is always important that you invest in a good company. Keep your eyes open and observe each clause of the contract before making the final decision. To make the journey smooth you should ensure that you clear all the doubts that you have. In this article, there are some questions that you can consider while discussing with your cooling tower manufacturer!

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