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Blog , Cooling Tower Jul / 18 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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More often than not, the annoying noises coming from the cumbersome air moving systems in some kinds of cooling towers. Even the most efficient industrial cooling tower manufacturers cannot resolve it unless businesses learn how to choose the right type of cooling tower for their facility so that they can prevent any sorts of malfunctions happening around this area.

Now how exactly do you go around choosing the right type of cooling tower to fit your business? Learning about different types of cooling towers and understanding how they operate, their advantages and their disadvantages are crucial when making a choice; here’s where we enter the picture to help you figure out how to do that.

Read on to find out what you must do to choose the best type of cooling tower for your business.

  • Consider the right size

When choosing an industrial cooling tower, picking the right size is half the job; an appropriate size considering your facility can immediately elevate the benefits it offers. Cooling towers are an effective source of reducing heat from various industrial processes; hence size does make a difference.

Cooling towers are becoming more and more popular worldwide because of their ability to provide the most cost-effective solution to removing heat. And because of its integral place in a job, its size becomes an important factor to consider; what size of the cooling tower will support an application as efficiently as required?

The wrong size can, at times, prove to be detrimental for businesses. An undersized cooling tower may fail to provide enough cold water to cool down the condenser loop of some office’s HVAC system, leading the chiller to shut down completely and stop working. And this ultimately costs plenty of amount in repairs and a lot of extra load for the staff members or tenants.

The inappropriate size of the cooling tower can lead to a cooling tower that lacks sufficient capacity for cooling, which can cause severe damage to expensive processing equipment. At this stage, during a procedure, a shutdown can lead to significant losses in productivity. Hence, determining the correct minimum size of a cooling tower is crucial for good.

Many industrial cooling tower manufacturers in India offer you a wide range of sizes in cooling towers that can be used for nuclear and thermal power plants, food processing plants, HVAC systems, petrochemical plants, and petroleum refineries.

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  • Assess Efficiency

Assessing the efficiency of cooling towers is a mandatory part of the process. The cooling efficiency of cooling towers is highly affected due to limited aggressive chemical solutions because of the risk of harm and damage to metal surfaces. Moreover, in order to limit these potent chemicals used for the removal of biological growth from water, it can produce fouling build-up inside the cooling tower, eventually affecting the cooling efficiency.

This is the reason why many industrial cooling tower manufacturers are producing cooling towers made of high-density polyethene (HDPE) plastic. Cooling towers made from this material treat water more aggressively with the crucial chemical treatments required.

  • Take noise into consideration

Consider the kind of noise cooling towers emits when buying one; many times, old cooling towers are so loud they sound like an aeroplane passing over your head. This trait fails to make productivity effective, especially in an office building. However, the new technology has allowed this noise to reduce down significantly.

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