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Blog , Cooling Tower Dec / 16 / 2019
Written by Jignesh Shah
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To keep the cooling towers in perfect condition and maintain its high performance, regular servicing is essential. However, not all the professionals are capable of providing end to end service for cooling towers. In many cases, professionals either lack experience or don’t have a source for advanced equipment. It ends with poorly maintained cooling systems. With proper maintenance and servicing, the cooling tower system also needs a timely upgrade. To ensure that your cooling towers receive excellent service, quality maintenance, and support service, and regular upgrades, you should approach an experienced cooling tower manufacturer.

Tower Tech is a leading cooling tower manufacturer in India providing end to end services for cooling towers across the world, from installation to refurbishment, we give high-end solutions within your budget.

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Cooling tower service:

To ensure that your cooling tower system remains efficient throughout the year you should opt for quality and flexible cooling tower services. Regular service is essential to reduce operational costs and keep the system in the best condition. Regardless of makes and models of the cooling towers, here what you can achieve with quality services.

  • You get a safe working environment. The team ensures that the system maintains the required safety measures.
  • With regular service, downtime can be reduced to a minimum as all the equipment is inspected, reducing the risk of equipment failure.
  • The system achieves the best level of functionality with the reduced operating cost
  • Any structural damage gets repaired adequately during the service
  • Regular servicing enhances the life of the cooling tower and its equipment.
  • Damaged spare parts replaced during the service
  • Experts evaluate the performance of the cooling tower system
  • Proper cleaning of the system
  • Thermal is also upgraded during the servicing
  • With reputed company by your side, you also get erection and project services

In many cases, repairing the parts can be more expensive and should be replaced instead. The replacement should not affect the performances of the cooling tower, which sometimes occurred when replaced parts have poor quality or do not match with the unit’s specifications. It is important to ensure that scrutinizing, repairing, updating, and redesigning get done by a team of qualified technicians.

Technical tests and analysis of cooling tower:

Thermal analysis, structural and acoustic analysis, environmental constraints, economical, and safety analysis are essential for cooling towers. Professionals should have the proper credentials to perform these tasks.

Inexperienced technicians are not capable of diagnosing all makes and models of cooling towers, their services are limited to a few specifications. You need a team of engineers who has vast experience and can give you a comprehensive plan for the maintenance of your cooling tower. At the end of the inspection, you will also get a detailed report on the current condition of the cooling towers. It also includes the list of required technical changes in the cooling tower. The list of improvements suggested by the experts plays a significant role in keeping the cooling tower system in perfect condition.

The review includes:

  • Verifying the current setting with the recommended setting
  • Analyzing the past data records
  • Examining current procedures
  • Inspecting equipment for signs of deterioration
  • Checking equipment for inefficiency
  • Checking whether the current maintenance practice meets the industry standards
  • Analyzing maintenance schedule


For maintenance of the cooling tower system, it is recommended to have a yearly agreement. With regular maintenance care loss of performance can be avoided. Maintaining a cooling tower is a regular process and along with the quality of the service, one should focus on affordability.

Cooling tower parts replacement:

The cooling tower requires repairing, refurbishing, or upgrading during its lifespan. Quality repairing and refurbishing contribute to the enhanced cooling tower operating life. The common upgrades for the cooling tower are replacement of fill pack options, putting drift eliminators with high efficiency, and installing fans high in efficiency and low in energy consumption. Upgrading the cooling tower leads to high performance and safer operation.


Quality repairing, maintenance care, and servicing, and replacing parts on time keep your cooling tower efficient. It extends the life of cooling tower operation and operating cost can also be reduced. At Tower Tech, we have a team of experienced technicians and engineers to perform every task with perfection. Contact us for affordable and excellent cooling tower maintenance services.