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Blog , Cooling Tower Mar / 24 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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A cooling tower doesn’t impact your facility but provides you with proper atmosphere control and optimum temperature. It also plays an integral part in the complete circulation plan of your building.

A perfectly built and installed cooling tower will ensure the following things:

  • Increase the administrative life
  • Fewer work expenses
  • Energy efficient
  • Less amount of water being burned through

When talking of the utility of the cooling tower, one must mention the more significant part that it has in your utility bill. If it does not work efficiently, it might cost you more than it should, so always research the cooling tower exporter to know more about the features and prices of cooling towers.

So, one must check if their cooling towers are working efficiently. Below mentioned are the points on how you can do that better.

Cooling Tower Technology

Before putting your resources for the colling tower, it’s necessary to contemplate whether it is suitable for that very purpose. There are induced draft cooling towers, called the round cooling tower. They are used for various purposes, and you may utilize them as the end equipment or a part of the complete cooling system.

Cooling tower work is to dismiss the heat generated by the production units like the paper and steel industry. Likewise, these cooling towers capture and expel too much heat from those power plants in the power age usage. So, people constantly search for the best cooling tower exporter.

But these cooling equipment are expensive and consume a lot of energy. The overall cost of a cooling tower is much cheaper with better cooling delivery. If you are searching for the best cooling tower company in India, then you must check out Tower Tech company as their cooling towers are long-lasting and have a compact design, plus the cooling effect is quick.

What kind of cooling tower you have installed?

In the beginning, you must ensure that your cooling tower is working productively for its purpose. You must understand the type of cooling tower you own and how it functions. The pultruded FRP cooling tower is one of the best materials used to produce cooling towers as it does not rust or warp in extreme environments.

Many cooling tower exporters may convince you that their towers are the best but always choose wisely and according to your requirements. Here are some of the most frequently used cooling towers:

  • Once-through – These types of towers draw water from lakes or streams. Then they circulate this water via the innate piping to take up the high temperature from steam condensers. The heated-up water is then released out. This one is the most straightforward and monetarily savvy cooling tower option to install and use.
  • Open recycling – Here, the circulation water is reused again and again to expel heat with dissipation. As we are reusing the water, we are decreasing the water expected in the cooling tower. Here, the chances of corrosion are increased because of the notwithstanding compound in the water treatment. For this, you can use the pultruded FRP cooling tower as they are said to be resistant to corrosion.
  • Closed-circuit – These are much parallel to the recycling system. Apart from the fact that the heat given out is passed to a warmer exchanger with no portion of the contact being presented to the surrounding.

cooling tower

Keep a tab on the cooling tab indicators

Cooling tower range

Another point that helps to determine the efficiency of the round cooling tower is its range.

Cooling tower range = hot water-cold water temperature

Efficiency of the tower

This value can undoubtedly provide you with the efficiency of the cooling tower.

Thermal efficiency = range / (range + approach) x 100

From the given condition, it’s clear that the effectiveness of the cooling tower is inversely related to the wet-bulb temperature. As the temperature of the wet-bulb increases with the increase in heat in summer or warm climate, the tower’s efficiency is decreased and vice versa.

The cooling towers exporters explain the necessity of all the points mentioned above when installing a cooling tower.

Regular maintenance and investing

You don’t have to keep a continuous eye on your cooling tower. Just intermission attention will increase its lifespan. The most crucial section of maintaining a cooling tower is to keep up the quality of water. Similarly, keeping up the greased/oiled mechanical parts and examining the equipment to check if it is working correctly are some additional points to look after.

Bottom line

To sum up, you must have understood that the cooling tower does not require those expensive regular checkups. Few examinations could ensure its proper functioning and regular greasing makes it work appropriately.

If you are looking for the best cooling tower company in India, then you must check the Tower Tech company as they produce one of the most efficient cooling towers in India.

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