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Blog , Cooling Tower Jun / 14 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
Fan Less Cooling Tower

According to most people, the bottle cooling tower is one of the most crucial equipment in any business or corporation. Heat-generating equipment is used in a variety of manufacturing and industrial settings. Examples are power plants, petrochemical plants, air conditioning facilities, oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, and chemical and nuclear power plants. Sites like this use places like this. To lower temperature levels in the building, cold air must travel around and through equipment.

Companies that sell cooling towers usually provide a broad range of options. Each kind is distinct in terms of how it is made, and assembled, how huge it is, what it is used for, and how it performs. The round cooling tower is one of the most frequent cooling towers in use today.

What is a Round Bottle Cooling Tower?

One of the most prevalent cooling devices is a round cooling tower, sometimes called a bottle in the shape of a bottle. It finds use in a wide range of commercial and residential structures, such as airports, retail malls, hospitals, and schools, among others. A cooling tower is a popular piece of cooling equipment that is also among the most efficient energy use. Temperature control in buildings is often accomplished with the help of a cooling tower similar to the one seen here. This essential piece of machinery cannot function without an internal circulation system because it must remove heat from the environment. After then, the heat from the building may perhaps be removed. The heat is subsequently diffused throughout the building by allowing fresh air to enter it. As a direct result of this, the device operates effectively.

Round Bottle Cooling Tower: Design and Technology

Because of their unusual design, bottle cooling towers have received much attention. This kind of cooling tower is known as a “round cooling tower” because it resembles a bottle or a cylindrical tube. The shape of the component has helped to a more even dispersion of air throughout the system. Round Bottle Cooling Towers distinguish themselves from other alternatives owing to their distinctive circular shape and small size. Users may choose the cooling system with the greatest heat transfer surface area per unit volume and the greatest contact surface area based on their needs.

The effectiveness of the cooling tower is largely connected to how uniformly the water is dispersed over the various fills. The sump at the bottom of the cooling tower collects water and allows hot water to be drained away from the tower. A vertical connection connects this intake to a revolving mechanical sprinkler on top of the fill medium. Mechanical spinning sprinkler arms have orifices, so they stand out. As a result, the water in the fill material will be able to disperse itself equally. Due to the pressure of the water entering the system, the sprinkler turns counterclockwise.

The cooling tower uses evaporation to remove surplus heat from the water. This reduces the temperature of the water to a more tolerable level. The warm, wet air will be blown through the fan deck and discharged into the sky when the water evaporates.

The round cooling tower’s high-efficiency axial fan is built of corrosion-resistant aluminium. The fan blades are made of aluminium. Because of the way it is built, there is a considerable saving in operating costs. It also contributes to the preservation of a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the cooling tower you’ve chosen includes a high-efficiency, direct-drive electric motor designed exclusively for use in cooling towers. You made this choice to save money.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower

How to install Round Bottle Cooling Tower?

Alternatively, the manufacturer or its components might build the cooling tower’s structure. Factory assembly is an additional option. When it comes to smaller cooling towers, most of the time, they are constructed at the facility where they were purchased. Installing them couldn’t be easier or faster than just bolting them to a brick masonry foundation and doing so.

A cooling tower manufacturer will often build larger and larger bottle cooling towers in their business. Installation takes longer because they are only produced upon request at the facility where they are purchased. There’s a reason for this: They must be constructed piece-by-piece at the location where they will be put to use before they can be installed. Installing a large cooling tower is no different from doing so with a small one.

How should you maintain Round Bottle Cooling Towers?

The bottle cooling tower needs the least care and maintenance of all the different kinds of cooling towers. Most of its parts are easy to find and in good shape for their age. From the top of the tower, it is easy to get to the sprinkler fill and fan in case they need to be fixed or replaced. Most of the time, the casing of the cooling tower doesn’t need any holes or other breaks.

Even though bottle cooling towers need less care than other shapes, they must be checked and cleaned regularly to keep them running well. When cooling towers aren’t taken care of properly, scale buildup and spray nozzle clogging are the most common problems. Scale can be removed with a descaler, but clogged spray nozzles stop this from happening. It helps the cooling tower system work better by ensuring enough water treatment and ventilation. It also helps make sure there is enough airflow. Regular maintenance could also help find problems before they worsen, saving you money on repairs. This conclusion is reached by comparing the system’s state before and after maintenance.