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Blog Jun / 16 / 2023

What to Look for When Selecting Cooling Tower Suppliers

In the complex world of industrial cooling, the effectiveness of a cooling tower can be crucial for the operations of numerous industries. However, it’s not just the cooling tower that matters; the supplier behind it is equally important. Whether in the chemical, petrochemical, power, or HVAC industry, selecting the best cooling tower company in India […]

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Blog Jun / 09 / 2023

Choosing the Right Cooling Tower for Your Industrial Needs: A Buyer’s Guide

Navigating the complex landscape of industrial machinery can often feel like walking through a maze, especially when it comes to the intricate world of cooling tower water treatment. As silent yet powerful giants, cooling towers play an instrumental role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of industrial processes, making their selection a critical decision. This […]

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Blog May / 20 / 2023

Water-Efficient Technology Opportunity: Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers

Water scarcity and environmental concerns have prompted industries to seek innovative solutions for reducing water consumption and improving water efficiency. Cooling towers, widely used in industrial processes, consume vast amounts of water and contribute significantly to water wastage. This article explores the technological opportunity of side stream filtration for cooling towers as a water-efficient solution. […]

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Blog Mar / 24 / 2023

The Role of Cooling Towers in Industrial Processes: Expert Opinions from Manufacturers

Pipes are used to pumping hot water from an industrial process or air conditioner condenser to a cooling tower. Spraying water through a nozzle along the edge of the “fill” material slows the flow of water through the cooling tower and exposes as much water surface area as is practical for maximum air-water contact. An […]

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Cooling Tower Feb / 15 / 2023

How To Maintain A Cooling Tower: A Comprehensive Guide

Cooling towers play a significant part in many industrial processes. Without proper maintenance, they are intended to experience problems that can lead to a complete shutdown of the complete building, higher energy costs, and reduced equipment lifespan. Another issue is Legionella prevention, which has become an industry-wide focus. Because cooling towers are one of the […]

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Blog Jan / 09 / 2023

The Three Major Types of Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are mechanical systems that are used to remove excess heat from industrial processes and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. A cooling tower works by using heat transfer mechanisms to dissipate heat into the environment, allowing the cooled water to be recirculated back into the system. There are three major types of […]

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Blog Dec / 20 / 2022

A Complete Guide To The How A Cooling Tower And Chiller Works Together

If your company’s production relies on precise low temperatures, you probably already know a lot about industrial chillers. If this is your first time, there are some important factors to consider. You may be wondering how cooling towers and chillers work. You may also be thinking, “What is best for my business?” With that in […]

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Blog Oct / 07 / 2022

What is the purpose of using cooling towers?

You must have noticed these large boxes with a fan mounted on top of high-rise commercial buildings and in the vicinity of industrial sites and power stations. These structures are known as Cooling Towers, and their job is to remove unwanted heat from inside a structure or process. We are going to discuss their uses […]

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Blog Sep / 29 / 2022

Technicalities of Cooling Systems

Outside/Inside Approach to Evaluating Concrete Elements in Natural & Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers When a Cooling Tower is in use, its reinforced concrete structural materials are often in a state of uncertainty until the tower is dismantled, cleaned, and checked thoroughly by specialists with the necessary evaluation competence. After a short-duration outage, cooling tower assets […]

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Blog Sep / 12 / 2022

What are the Functions and Purpose of a Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a device for heat removal that uses water to transfer waste heat into the atmosphere. When warm water is mixed with a cooler, the air released after this latent heat of vaporization cause the water to cool. If you are living in a building and have looked down, you might know […]

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