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Cooling Tower Feb / 15 / 2023
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Cooling towers play a significant part in many industrial processes. Without proper maintenance, they are intended to experience problems that can lead to a complete shutdown of the complete building, higher energy costs, and reduced equipment lifespan.

Another issue is Legionella prevention, which has become an industry-wide focus. Because cooling towers are one of the most common sources of the growth of bacteria, routine maintenance is of great importance. Read further to learn some valuable tips about cooling tower maintenance.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

The following is a task list of the crucial things for cooling tower maintenance. Doing so frequently and properly will ensure that your cooling tower will continue functioning at the original optimum efficiency with low energy costs.

1. Water Treatment

The most critical stage in cooling tower maintenance is a thorough, monthly water treatment program. If water quality is neglected, it can weaken the entire system resulting in scaling and sludge in the pipes and condensers.

If your company does not have expert-water treatment maintenance, then you need assistance from a company that does. Confirm that the water is verified monthly and is treated with biocide and scale inhibitors. Automatic feeders and sensors need to be installed.

2. Motor

If your motor fails, it can bring the entire building down along with it. Because these motors are very heavy, you have to look through the below points:

  • Inspect starter coils and contacts
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Measure operating currents and voltages, and make sure that they don’t exceed the recommended guidelines found on the motor nameplate quarterly.
  • Check for excessive vibration. These signs indicate that the motors are worn-out and out of balance.
  • Observe motor mount resiliency annually. If the motor sits on rubber supports, make sure they are not dried up.
  • Check the motor’s insulation annually. Water can seep in and short out the motor if the insulation breaks down.

3. Fan

Proper fan maintenance is equally vital, as broken fan blades can abolish Elkins and cause other problems. Therefore:

  • Check blades and clean dirt accumulation
  • Lubricate Elkins and check for end play, and wear
  • Check the condition of drive couplings, pulleys, and belts.
  • Replace belts if required
  • Check for corrosion
  • Check the fan’s alignment, balance, and security to the shaft.

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Why Clean Your Cooling Tower?

Cleaning your cooling tower and treating the water inside will prevent harm from happening to your entire system due to clogs and corrosion. Even if you regularly have the water treated, you still need to clean the tower to support keeping the system free of bacteria and microbes.

If you drain your towers in the winter due to a compact need for them, plan one of your two annual cleanings for them to get the most efficient use from your system when you refill the tower when warmer circumstances return. Even if you use the towers all year long, you will still need to plan biannual cleanings to stop fouling that could harm the system. You also need to clean and treat the water for your cooling tower if you have a new system. Shipping and fixing of the tower components could cause damage or leave materials on the surfaces that lead to corrosion. Cleaning removes these from the surfaces and fixes the tower for the treated water.

A few other reasons to look at are discussed below:

1. Prevent the Growth Of Microorganisms

Microbial growth causes many problems for your system. In warm conditions, bacteria and algae flourish in uncleaned water. Biofilm, a physical film filled with bacteria, can cause micro-biologically inclined corrosion, and these mats of bacteria can also harbor disease-causing microbes, such as Legionella. In addition to the ongoing use of a bio-dispersant to break up this biofilm layer, a cooling tower cleaning can guard your system against these problems.

2. Decrease Water Treatment Costs

Not cleaning your system regularly will require more regular treatments to keep the water clean. Increasing the number of treatments will cut into your budget by addition of extra costs to maintenance. Skipping cleaning does not save you money, but it will cost you more in fixing damage to the system, ineffective operation, and getting more water treatments.

3. Prevent Scale Deposits

Cleaning your system and treating the water stops solid minerals from dropping throughout the system. Scale build-up can decrease water flow, impede cooling and make the system less efficient.

Scale and corrosion occur through the natural evaporation of the water used in the system. When water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals that are in it as solids. Over time, these solids will rise in volume and sink to the interior surfaces of the cooling towers and system, creating scale and corrosion. Corrosion and scale decline the efficiency of the system, which is why preventing them through water treatment and tower cleaning is so critical.


This was all about cooling tower maintenance, you should know. When looking for active systems, it is advised to consult a cooling tower manufacturer that has years of experience in the field. You can contact Towertech for cooling tower maintenance and repair. We are one of the best cooling tower manufacturers in India. Towertech’s quality control system promises quality in all the services and products through testing, inspection, and confirmation of the systems.