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Blog , Cooling Tower Nov / 21 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics are referred to as FRP. So what exactly is it? It’s just a cooling tower. However, the type of material it’s constructed of is FRP. Moderate in size and relatively simple to install are the FRP cooling towers. You have no justification for not getting one since they can fit in a congested population due to their size.

The FRP cooling tower is built in such a way that air must come into contact with water in order for heat loss to take place. The hot water’s temperature is to be lowered by the air.

FRP cooling towers are popular in the industrial sector. But why? Let’s look at what FRP cooling towers are and what their purpose is.

What Are FRP Cooling Towers?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, or FRP. What, then, is it? It’s just a cooling tower. However, the type of material it’s constructed of is FRP. The medium-sized, rather simple-to-install FRP cooling towers are. You have no excuse not to get one due to their size since they can be crammed into a small area.

It is built in such a way that it can withstand strong winds; the shocks and vibrations can take in air from all sides. Due to its overall lower area use, it absorbs less electricity.

In other words, the Fiberglass cross-flow cooling tower is built in a way that requires air and water to make contact before heat is lost. The hot water’s heat is intended to be reduced by the air.

Let’s have a look at the purpose of FRP Cooling towers now.

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Purpose Of FRP Cooling Towers

Easy repairs: Not being able to find the part you need is the most aggravating aspect of FRP cooling tower repairs. You can find whatever part you might be looking for at Towertech India.

Low maintenance: Less effort is required for cooling towers of the FRP kind. Regular examination is essential, but if the installation is done well and the parts are of high quality, maintenance will be minimal.

Strong cooling towers: To create a sturdy cooling tower, a strong material called fibreglass-reinforced plastic was used.

FRP cooling towers are flexible: The FRP cooling tower system’s parts are simple to remove, fix, and replace without hindering the cooling tower’s functionality.

High Durability: The FRP cooling tower is no different from other cooling towers in that it can last for 30 years or beyond. Installing one will be a wise investment of money.

Great Quality: Compared to cooling towers built of wood or PVC, this model is of higher quality. Its durability is partially due to its high quality.

Portable: No, moving the industrial site does not imply that the cooling tower was a waste of money. The FRP cooling tower is very nice since it can be moved to the new location while still performing well.

Easy to clean: The FRP cooling tower’s design makes it simple to clean and drain off the collected sediments.

All-weather cooling system: The cold water basins of the FRP cooling towers feature heaters to reheat the water and keep it from freezing. This implies that the cooling tower can be used both in the summer and the winter.

Available in several designs: There are two designs of FRP cooling towers: induced draft cooling towers and natural draft cooling towers. You can select the air mechanism that best suits you since the two use distinct air mechanisms.

Available in different shapes: Although it may not seem vital, this feature is. Try the square-shaped one when trying to fix a cooling tower in an awkward area. They also come with a lot of colour options. You can decide what appeals to you.


Over the course of their lives, FRP cooling towers outperform concrete cooling towers and are quicker and simpler to install. Visit our website right away to learn more about your options in FRP cooling tower manufacturers.

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