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Cooling Tower Aug / 18 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Introduction to Evaporative Cooling towers

Evaporative cooling towers are used in different industrial applications providing a continuous supply of cooled water. Evaporative cooling towers provide cooling based on a design wet-bulb temperature; they expectedly cool the water to around 85 degrees Farehnhite.

Operating principles of Evaporative cooling towers

The operation of the cooling tower is about exchange and evaporative of sensible heat. It brings a cooling effect to the hot water by mixing the air and water at differing temperatures to remove the latent Heat of Vaporization. The latent heat of evaporation is released after transferring a portion of water into the vapour state to get the cooling effect.
Having the heat rejection solution to the industrial process would mean to have a technical addition of the cooling tower. Evaporative cooling towers move heat from one process to another process and ultimately release it to the ambience.
For general operation, the hot water is driven to the top of the tower by continuously recalculating the waste heat captured by the water for a refrigeration compressor or a process heat exchanger to release over the cooling tower. Evaporative action removes the heat from the water and adds it to the air. Later, the fan stack cooled water returned to the process exchanger discharges the moist and warm air in order to pick up more heat.

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How does evaporative cooling tower work?

The principle that lies beneath the evaporative cooling is that the water must have heat applied to it in order to change its form to a vapour. Evaporative cooling towers use this principle to supply cooling to machinery and buildings.
The cooling tower being the heat rejection equipment discharges warm air from the equipment to the atmosphere through the process of cooling of water. Evaporative cooling towers cool a small portion of the water to evaporate it into a moving air stream; this provides sufficient cooling to the rest of that water stream. Evaporating water in evaporation cooling systems absorb heat energy from the outstanding water and reduces its temperature. The air should be capable of absorbing water for evaporation to occur; it should not be damp. The air will be less likely to absorb water at a higher level of humidity, and it will also provide a reduced cooling effect.
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Advantages of Evaporative cooling towers by Tower Tech India:

  • Cut-down field costs.
    Evaporative cooling towers provide reduced field costs due to single point wiring and factory testing.
  • Quiet operation
    Another benefit of evaporative cooling towers is its quiet operation; it operates at levels less than 50 dBA.
  • Ensuring complete technical assistant
    With the help of our qualified team of technical experts and engineers we scrutinize, repair, redesign, update and upkeep your cooling towers in a way that keeps it custom made and quick to react to suit your own individual situations.
  • Providing easy upgrades
    Cooling towers need repairs and even upgrades during their lifetime. At Towertech, we provide a wide range of repairing, refurbishment and upgrading options. Refurbishing your cooling towers extend their operating life.


About the components of Evaporative Cooling Tower

In order to upgrade cooling towers, new technology can be incorporated. The structural components of cooling towers are subject to corrosion or any mechanical damage. Here are the parts that we upgrade in cooling tower’s existing installations:

  • High efficient low energy fans
  • Certified high efficiency drift eliminators
  • Replacement fill pack options for an easier maintenance
  • Sound attenuation packages

Upgrading and refurbishing your cooling towers enable you to comply with new standards and also enhance the maintainability, which leads to optimal performance and safer operation. Get in touch with us!!