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Blog , Cooling Tower Oct / 20 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
Natural draft cooling tower

What is a cooling tower fill?

Cooling tower fill operates to put as much water surface area in contact with as much air as possible for as long as possible to achieve a cooling effect. So it increases the surface area of cooling towers. Tower fills also go by the names like packing, filling or baffles.

Telltale signs that scream that you need a cooling tower fill replacement.

Everything that wears out with time starts giving signs for the same. The same goes in the case of fills, all you have to do is keep a regular check on it, and while you do that, these signs will help you know that it is time to replace your cooling tower fills.

  • Calcium build-up
  • Warped or sagging fill packs
  • Increased consumption of energy
  • Uneven distribution of water
  • Damaged support grids

Benefits of replacing cooling tower fill

Why should you replace your cooling tower fills?

The efficiency of your cooling towers is remarkably impacted with a mere replacement of cooling tower fills. Damaged or old cooling tower fills decrease the rate of heat transfer that the cooling tower was designed to facilitate. When the performance of the cooling tower turns down, it can largely damage the other dependent systems in treacherous ways.

Replacing the cooling tower fill will increase the efficiency of its performance, and this will be reciprocated to the dependent system as well. It also increases the life span of the cooling tower system. This works for all types of cooling towers, including the induced draft cooling tower.

Ultimately, replacing cooling tower fill will save utility bills, maintenance cost and give you maximum output from your cooling tower unit.

cooling tower water treatment

How to replace the cooling tower fills?

Follow these steps to get your cooling tower fills adequately replaced.

Step 1: Equipment needs to be protected through necessary isolation and listing before the construction, so make sure you have done this. Then lay the waterproof construction cloth on the floor.

Step 2: Remove the older support grid

Step 3: Remove the older fills as well

Step 4: Install the support grid upwards from the bottom

Step 5: Install the fills inside and outside and from the bottom upwards following the support grid.

Installing the new cooling tower fills has to be done correctly since improper installation may cause fill damage and low efficiency of the cooling tower. Follow the below-mentioned steps for quick and effective cooling tower fill installation.

Prepare to work before installation.

  • Turn off the motor power for safe installation.
  • Take proper protective measure to the other equipment, including isolation and lining.
  • As mentioned before, lay the waterproof construction cloth on the ground.
  • Install the cooling tower fills

Installation Method

There are mainly two types of placement method of cooling tower fills, and they are:

  • Hanging type
    During the installation of hanging, type fills, verify and ensure the parameter of cooling tower fills, including aperture pitch, aperture size and distance from the upper edge to the hole centre. If the parameters are not correct, it can lead to faulty installation.
    Then, hang the cooling tower fill packs onto the steel tube in the cooling tower.
  • Support grid type
    Bond the cooling tower sheets into the specified size of blocks on the construction site. While bonding ensures that the pressure put on the packing sheet is even and leave the full curing time. Another thing you have to be sure of during installation is that the filler contact point has to be in the same water level and have the same adhesive space. Next, clean up the dust and garbage inside the cooling tower and then install the support grid. After installing the support grid, attach cooling tower fills.


The installation of cooling tower fills should be a smooth and tidy placement in a designed arrangement. Cut blocks according to the actual boundary conditions for the corner and irregular area installation. Make sure you leave no grooves or gaps in the installation. Later, clean the dirt and debris around the fills after it is installed to guarantee the top-notch efficiency of cooling tower fills.

Removal of cooling tower fill deposits

Cooling towers are vast and giant air scrubbers. Dirty, pollen and a variety of debris can rapidly gather on the surface of cooling towers and form an appropriate breeding ground for bacteria like Legionella to flourish. Moreover, lime, scale and other mineral deposits often form on tower fill because of the natural evaporative action of towers.

Cooling tower fill plays a vital role in heat transfer. It also helps with keeping the deadly bacteria from flourishing. The biological deposits, scale and mineral on cooling tower fills can quickly become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria which can cause Legionella.

The scale deposits are an ugly build up in the fill that provides additional surface area for bacterial growth. The most stringent water treatment at times struggles to keep bacteria at bay and scale suspended. This is the very reason why it is essential to have scheduled maintenance to remove mineral and biological deposits from your cooling tower surfaces.


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