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Blog , Cooling Tower Oct / 27 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Nowadays, with the advent of technology, the types of cooling towers are also changing. Many new models, development, and changes are occurring to provide the best outcome. Setting up the cooling tower is not only the solution to all your problems as one needs to maintain and service to keep it long-lasting and in working condition.

Mainly, the cooling tower is a heat removal device that releases waste heat into the atmosphere. Most cooling towers work on the same principle of removing heat from water by evaporation that is recirculated through the unit.

Now, let’s see one of the types of cooling tower, i.e., evaporative cooling tower. We have discussed its working, application, and much more.

About Evaporative Cooling Tower

According to the designed wet bulb temperature, the evaporative tower provides cooling that cools the water up to 850 F, and as low as 650 F. It is one of the most economical approaches to cool a large amount of water. These towers are one of the most energy-efficient cooling systems as it uses a fan motor to minimize energy use.

Moreover, these evaporative cooling towers are primarily used in industries that require removing a large amount of heat. The evaporation of unwanted heat is essential as it helps the machines to work more efficiently in a good working environment.

Working of Evaporative Cooling Tower

These cooling towers allow the small portion of water to get cooled that further evaporates into the moving air stream providing significant cooling to the rest of the water. Heat energy is absorbed by evaporating water to lower the water temperature. One must ensure that the air absorbs moisture and may not get too saturated for evaporation to occur.

If the level of humidity is high, then there are fewer chances for the water to get absorbed, resulting in less cooling. In addition, to eliminate the latent heat of vaporization, the combination of air and water at different temperatures gives a low impact on heated water. Afterward, water is converted into a vapor state, and hot gas is released into the atmosphere.

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Applications of Evaporative Cooling Towers

Evaporative towers play a significant role and are used primarily for cooling the items like:

  • Air Compressors
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Chiller Condensers
  • Mold Temperature Controllers

Evaporative Cooling Tower Classification

Choosing the right one among different cooling towers is always a difficult task. Towertech has the best cooling towers in the market. Mainly, the cooling towers can be classified into two main types. They are:

1. Natural Draft Cooling Tower

The natural draft cooling tower is open to the air and is a direct-contact device. It has a radiator that cools the hot water from the plant by bringing it into direct contact with natural air. The heated air gets collected at the top of the tower, while cooled water is accumulated at the bottom.

However, the construction of this technique is simple, but it requires significant initial investment because of its height to produce a draft.

2. Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower

The mechanical draft has a structure that can adjust the air supply using a fan and spread the air in different directions so that the hot water quickly gets cold. This draft tower has fantastic features like easy installation, cost-effectiveness, low pumping head, and tight control over water temperature.

There are three directions in which the air is supplied. They are:

  • Counter Flow: In this, the water and air are both provided in a different order.
  • Parallel Flow: The flow of water and air is in the same direction.
  • Cross Flow: The fan creates parallel airflow when the water drips across the air chamber in an induced draught tower.

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How to Improve the Efficiency of the Cooling Tower


What are the Advantages of Evaporative Cooling Towers?

Other than any cooling tower or air-cooled chillers, evaporative cooling towers consume 40-60% less energy than required.

  • Custom Systems

One will get space constraints, integrated tanks, chemical feed systems, or free cooling options in this tower type. Our cooling tower manufacturer is at your service and will help you meet the standards as per your needs.

  • Windows-Based Control

This cooling system at your desk provides history, trending, complete status, and dynamic graphing.

  • Reduce field cost

As these towers require single-point wiring and factory testing, it reduces field costs. Some of the cooling towers come in an option of pump and tank with extra charge.

  • Ease of use

It offers control with a single function keypad and non-technical term display.

Hence, it is everything you want to know about the evaporating cooling towers and their working. If you are thinking of getting one, then towertech is the best choice for you.

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