Tower Tech Cooling System

Blog , Cooling Tower Aug / 28 / 2019
Written by Jignesh Shah

Many businesses are depending on cooling towers to make their operations efficient. Cooling towers work with the mechanism to reject the heat, which is generated through industrial processes. However, it is also vital that these cooling towers are well maintained. If the cooling towers are in perfect condition, the operational efficiency can be increased, and the overall cost can also be reduced. There are different types of cooling towers and there are various methods for the cooling tower services.

Types of cooling towers:

Cooling towers can be separated into two major types, natural draft cooling tower, and mechanical draft cooling tower. Natural draft cooling towers use a natural process for air to facilitate flow, and mechanical draft cooling towers need fans to generate airflow. Natural draft cooling towers are affordable compared to mechanical draft cooling towers, though the first is more extensive compared to later.

Now let’s see the maintenance tips for the cooling towers so you can keep your utility cost under control and make the operation more energy efficient.

Removing scale deposit:

Cooling towers work by evaporation, and that often leaves the fill with piled up of scale deposits. Often the minerals in the water cause it when there are issues in the water treatment plant. The HVAC system is at a higher risk of poor performance and reduced efficiency due to limescale buildup, and it often leads to premature deterioration of the unit. Descaling system should be performed a few times in a year. It keeps your monthly bill under control by increasing energy conservation, whether you have FRP square cooling tower or FRP round cooling tower.

Maintain Proper Airflow:

Reduced airflow can lead to the following conditions

  • Poor fan performance
  • Air does not get cold
  • System breakdowns

Loose components, misaligned fans damaged fan blades, and lack of gearbox maintenance can cause airflow interruptions. You need to ensure that there is no debris in both fill and the tower. If your cooling tower has sludge buildup on its basin floor then also the airflow can be affected. Tower vacuum is an ideal tool for this cleaning. You can also use biocide to prevent bacterial and algae growth in the tower.

Cleaning tubes:

Chiller tubes should remain free from algae, scale, mud, and slime to reduce the risk of a partial or total clog. The pressure that builds from clog tubes can lead to unit breakdowns and inefficiencies. If you face the building up situation too often, then you should opt for tube cleaning more often. It is one of the primary nature, or we can also say flaw of the system that every unit experience this buildup at some point. If the tubes are cleaned, then removing debris is even more comfortable. It takes professionals to perform the task. You should find the best cooling tower company in India for hiring professionals for quality services.

Cleaning tubes

Inspection of water pumps:

Water pumps are necessary to carry warm water to the chiller. If the water pump is in perfect condition and provides the proper flow of water, then air-conditioning performance can be significantly reduced. It can also reduce your monthly energy consumption. The well-maintained pump keeps the process of moving water back and forth easy and also increases the lifespan of the unit. You keep your pump lubricated and frequently check the alignment.


Keeping water pumps in proper condition, maintaining the chillers tube cleaned, well-maintained airflow, and regular removing of scale deposits are some of the basic things that you should follow to keep the cooling towers in perfect working condition.