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Blog Aug / 14 / 2021

10 Things you need to know about FRP Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are generally associated with major power stations and businesses. FRP cooling towers revisited the technology to develop a cooling tower in package size. FRP is Fiberglass reinforced plastic; the substance is corrosion-free and heat resistant. FRP is long-lasting too. Because they are constructed beforehand, FRP cooling towers are transported to the target building […]

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Blog May / 13 / 2021

What are FRP cooling towers and what you should know about them

FRP means Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics. So what is it? It simply is a cooling tower, but the FRP is the kind of material it is made of. The FRP cooling towers are of medium size and relatively easy to install. Due to their size, you have no reason for not getting yourself one as they […]

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Blog Oct / 14 / 2019

How To Reduce Water Consumption In Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers are used for reducing heat by cooling down the water stream to a lower temperature.  FRP square cooling tower and FRP round cooling tower work similarly. The primary function of a cooling tower is to take heat from the water stream and rejects it to the air stream. The cooling is also partly caused by […]

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Blog Aug / 28 / 2019

How To Keep Industrial Cooling Towers In Perfect Condition

Many businesses are depending on cooling towers to make their operations efficient. Cooling towers work with the mechanism to reject the heat, which is generated through industrial processes. However, it is also vital that these cooling towers are well maintained. If the cooling towers are in perfect condition, the operational efficiency can be increased, and […]

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