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Blog , Cooling Tower Apr / 14 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
Round bottle cooling tower

The cooling tower is considered one of the significant technologies any industrial building or factory need to have. Industrial and manufacturing plants such as nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, air conditioning facilities, oil refineries, power generation plants, natural gas processing plants, and chemical processing plants, use appliances and machinery that generate a large amount of heat. In order to lower down the temperature levels within the plant, the air that circulates around the equipment and the entire building should be cooled down.

The cooling tower suppliers offer various types of cooling towers. Each type differs in shape, make, size, technology, and functionality or mechanisms of action. Among the most commonly used cooling tower systems is the bottle cooling tower.

What is a round cooling tower?

A round cooling tower, also commonly referred to as bottle shape cooling tower, is one of the most widely used cooling systems used not only in large manufacturing plants but also in other residential and commercial buildings such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools. This essential heat removal device functions by processing the waste heat that is released into the atmosphere via an internal circulation system.

Round cooling tower design and technology

Bottle cooling towers are acknowledged for their exceptional technology and design. It is called a bottle cooling tower because it is designed with a round or bottle-like shape. Its shape has greatly helped distribute the airflow within the system evenly. What makes the round cooling towers stand out is their compact design. They are also available in various flute sizes. This allows users to find the perfect cooling system that offers maximum heat transfer surface per unit volume and contact surface area.

The performance of the cooling tower depends largely on how water is distributed over the fills. The round cooling tower is designed with a hot water inlet at the bottom collection sump which is vertically connected to the mechanical rotary sprinkler situated on top of the fill media. The mechanical rotary sprinkler is designed with extended arm pipes with orifices. This allows uniform distribution of water over the fill media. The pressure of the inlet water is responsible for rotating the sprinkler.


The cooling tower cools down the water by removing the unwanted heat from it through the process of evaporation. The warm moist air from the evaporated water will then be driven through the fan deck, and will then be released to the atmosphere.

The bottle cooling tower also uses a high-efficiency axial fan which is made from non-corrosive aluminum. This design helps lower down running costs. It also keeps noise at the lowest possible level. This type of cooling tower also features a high efficiency direct driven electric motor which is specially designed for cooling tower applications.

Round cooling tower application

The round cooling tower can be used in various applications, including but not limited to refrigeration, HVAC, and process cooling. This cooling system is widely used in industrial and manufacturing structures like light to medium industrial plants, steel melting and plastic processing plant, chemical plant, and pharmaceutical plant.

Round cooling tower installation

The round cooling tower can be either factory-fabricated or completely factory assembled. Smaller cooling towers especially those with a lower capacity are often 100% factory assembled. They are easier and faster to install as they only need to be bolted and secured on a brick masonry foundation.

Those bottle cooling towers with larger size and higher capacity are often factory-fabricated by a cooling tower manufacturer. They are more time-consuming when it comes to installation because since they are only factory-fabricated, they need to be manually assembled at the site first before they can be installed. The installation, though, is just the same as with smaller cooling towers.

Round cooling tower maintenance

As for the maintenance, the bottle cooling tower requires less maintenance than the other types of cooling towers. Most of its internal parts are also easy to reach and maintained. If replacement or maintenance is required, you can easily reach the sprinkler fill, fan, and eliminator from the top portion of the tower. In most cases, you do not have to disturb the cooling tower casing.

Though a round cooling tower requires less maintenance, it is important to regularly observe proper maintenance routine. Proper maintenance helps prevent common cooling tower problems such as scale deposits and clogged spray nozzles. It also helps ensure efficient treatment of water as well as adequate airflow, which contributes to the overall performance of the cooling tower system. Regular maintenance can also help you identify possible issues at the earliest time possible, thus, preventing more serious damages later on.