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Blog , Cooling Tower Jun / 24 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Round cooling towers are also mentioned as bottle-shaped cooling towers in the industry because of their bottle-like shape. The full range of round bottle shape cooling towers is produced in 5 TR to 600 TR dimensions.

The series complies with the idea of induced draft and counter flow working. The hot water is diffused in the cooling tower and spread over the fills/packing utilizing a self-rotating sprinkler.

Concurrently the airy air is inducted through an induced draught fan installed on the cover of the cooling tower. The passing of air and water in opposite directions makes this principle a counter-flow type. A vaporization loss of the water leads to the lowering down of water warmth.

These bottle-shaped cooling towers are also known for their creative design, elegant shape, unique features, toughness, and higher performance.

Towertech’s line of round FRP bottle cooling towers, which is highly acceptable in every industry.

The aesthetically designed series cooling towers incorporate a bottle shape with an axial flow fan on the top to extend vertical air ooze. Industrial heated water passes into the cooling tower through a water inlet connection in the supplemental suction tank furnished ‘neath the FRP container.

The hot water, pushed by the force of the pump, moves up via the center standpipe outfitted onto the auxiliary suction tank. A self-rotating sprinkler attached to the top of the standpipe rotates the water evenly overhead the fills/packing.

The counter interaction of air and water leads to vaporization, which results in the thermal detachment of heat. A small amount of water evaporates to the atmosphere, and the remaining water gets more chill. Finally, the cold water is accumulated into the leak-proof FRP basing for re-circulating it to the manufacturing process.

The bottle shape expedites in reducing the internal pressure drop of air. It also concedes the external dry air to enter into the cooling tower from all directions. Because of this, the series reflects the most reliable and efficient cooling towers among all designs available in the market.

cooling tower

Benefits of round cooling tower

  • High-intensity FRP casing and container
  • Robust and Lightweight
  • Artistic and exceptional design
  • Long life with minimum maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long-lasting and leakproof
  • Hot-dip galvanized construction and internal parts for abrasion endurance.
  • Varying from 5 TR to 600 TR in a single cell
  • Axial flow fan with a flexible angle to enhance the air draft at less horsepower
  • Remarkable weatherproof extended shaft flange attached motor designed for tropical situations.

What are the Varieties of Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers can be categorized into many different ways: appearance fan type, water productivity, or water cooling quality. The primary analysis tends to be based on the cooling circuit model, which determines the actual operation of the cooling tower.

Significance of Cooling Tower Maintenance

A cooling tower can easily be overridden with necessary preventive maintenance. Regular cooling tower maintenance will ensure the following.

  • Optimal authenticity of a cooling tower
  • Cooling tower manages its required cooling capacity & good service
  • Extends a cooling tower’s life
  • many other technical benefits

Towertech is one of the leading cooling tower suppliers. It endeavors to take up turnkey projects to design, manufacture, erection, and commission the complete system. The team interacts with all major original equipment producers and consultants and takes their technical feedback to improve upon the design features continually.

Towertech ensures they are abreast with the most advanced technological advancements and, by consolidating VA & VE (Value Analysis & Value Engineering) methodology, produces world-class Cooling towers.

Moreover, Towertech is assisted by a fine team of analysis and development engineers, production technicians, field engineers, management surveyors, and service engineers. The unit compliments each other to bring out the most reliable technical product in the market.

The team’s commitment necessitates delivery of the technologically best merchandise performance available anywhere –, but it reaches beyond that. They are also bound to quality and service have obtained many satisfied clients since its inception. They strive for good performance at minimum maintenance cost. The products are certified by most of the consultants and are endorsed by them for usage by all OEMs and in all major trades

Round Cooling Tower Fitting

The round cooling tower can be factory-fabricated or completely factory molded. Smaller cooling towers, particularly those with a lower capacity, are often 100% factory set. They are simpler and faster to fix as they only need to be bolted and fastened on a brick masonry wall.

Those round cooling towers with larger sizes and higher capacities are often factory-fabricated by a cooling tower business. They take more time when it comes to launching because since they are only factory-fabricated, they demand to be manually compiled at the site first before they can be fixed. The harbor, though, is similar to smaller cooling towers.

Round cooling tower sustenance

As for sustenance, the bottle cooling tower needs less maintenance than the other types of cooling towers. Most of its interior parts are also easy to reach and managed. If replacement or continuance is required, you can quickly get the sprinkler fill, fan, and eliminator from the top portion of the tower. In most circumstances, you do not have to disturb the cooling tower casing.

Though round cooling tower needs less maintenance, it is essential to observe proper maintenance routine regularly.

Proper maintenance helps avert common cooling tower problems such as scale sediments and clogged spray outlets. It also helps ensure effective treatment of water and adequate airflow, which adds to the overall accomplishment of the cooling tower system. Regular sustenance can also help you distinguish possible issues at the earliest time possible, thus, limiting more severe damages later on.

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