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Blog Jun / 26 / 2021

What Is The Working Principle Of The Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is heat dismissal equipment that concentrates on the removal of warmth to the climate through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. The approach of cooling towers started in the nineteenth century when condensers were created to be utilized for steam motors. During the twentieth century, innovative headways in […]

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Blog May / 21 / 2021

Understanding The Types Of Cooling Towers And Their Differences

Different types of cooling towers Cooling towers are crucial parts of the industrial processes. These tall water cooling structures actually play a significant role in industrial and HVAC comfort cooling processes. And might come off a bit surprising to you, knowing that there is so much more to these cooling towers than you could know. […]

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Blog Mar / 22 / 2021

Working Of Air Conditioner With Cooling Tower Parts

Air conditioners work by collecting the hot air from the environment, processing it, and further releasing cold air into the same environment. It incorporates the functionality of 5 primary cooling tower parts, namely evaporator, condenser, refrigerant, compressor, and expansion valve. An air conditioner converts hot air into cold air with the help of the refrigerant […]

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Blog Jan / 18 / 2021

Why Have An Effective Water Treatment Programme For Cooling Towers

What is the cooling tower water treatment programme? Cooling tower water treatment system minimises scaling and fouling in the cooling tower system. It is an essential step of the process to keep cooling systems running fine. The water treatment programme for cooling towers typically involves removal of detrimental impurities from the feed water, circulation water […]

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Blog Dec / 18 / 2020

Understanding The Drift Eliminators Used In Cooling Towers

Drift eliminators are a crucial component of maintaining a highly efficient cooling tower when it comes to systematic cooling tower operation. Drift eliminators in cooling towers play a role in the escape of vapors and mist from the tower; they help in getting rid of unwanted or excess heat in cooling systems. It captures large […]

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Blog Aug / 31 / 2020

What are the top Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Towers?

A cooling tower is an essential component to run a power plant, manufacturing units, and factories. The primary job of the cooling tower is to simply remove the excess heat and humidity from the building caused by machines. Cooling towers are also used for ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and other industrial purposes. They are […]

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Blog Jun / 30 / 2020

A Brief Guide On Replacing The Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling tower fills play a significant role in the process of transferring heat. It also plays a part in keeping deadly bacteria from flourishing inside the cooling towers. Mineral, scale, and biological deposits on cooling tower fill can speedily become breeding grounds for deadly bacteria which becomes the cause of Legionella growth in your cooling […]

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Blog May / 28 / 2020

Factors That Cause Legionella Growth In Cooling Water Systems

What is Legionella? Legionella is bacteria that are found to naturally occur in freshwater sources. They are found in water bodies like rivers and lakes generally in low amounts and therefore do not lead to diseases. Contaminated water building systems or cooling towers are responsible for most Legionnaires’ outbreak. Legionnaires’ disease is a serious and […]

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Construction May / 20 / 2020

What You Must Know About Cooling Tower Fill Media

There are major components in cooling towers that make the process of heat exchange possible and efficient. One of those essential components is the cooling tower fill. Let us have a deeper look into understanding cooling tower fill media. What is Fill in Cooling Towers? One of the major parts of cooling towers is fill […]

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Blog Jan / 23 / 2020

Cooling Tower Tips: How to Ensure Minimal Downtime, and Maximum Process Uptime

The cooling tower is perhaps one of the most important systems needed in an industrial building or manufacturing plant. It is not merely used for efficiently removing and rejecting heat from a process during industrial applications, it is also used in many HVAC and power generation applications. Despite the critical role it plays in industrial, […]

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