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Blog , Cooling Tower Dec / 18 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Drift eliminators are a crucial component of maintaining a highly efficient cooling tower when it comes to systematic cooling tower operation. Drift eliminators in cooling towers play a role in the escape of vapors and mist from the tower; they help in getting rid of unwanted or excess heat in cooling systems. It captures large water droplets that get caught in the cooling tower’s airstream.

Why do we need drift eliminators?

However, as we already know the job of drift eliminators in round cooling towers or square cooling towers is to reduce the escape of water droplets that entrained in the air discharge we must also understand why is it important in the first place.

The primary purpose of drift eliminators is to protect people and the local environment from escaping aerosols and water droplets from a cooling tower. However, there is more to what the drift eliminators can serve even in the most severe cases, for instance, if the water treatment regime fails, the drift eliminator provides the last line of defense in the prevention of dispersion of harmful legionella bacteria found in water cooling systems.

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Drift eliminators help in the conservation of water in the cooling system by returning water droplets to the cooling tower.

Advantages of drift eliminators

The drift eliminator is an efficient component for cooling towers, they not only increase the life span of cooling towers, but they make it even more efficient.

Let’s have a look at all the benefits it provides

  • Drift eliminators are great for recycling process of water; they strain the chemically polluted water out of the cooling tower.
  • They are highly efficient in both performance and cost.
  • Drift eliminators inhibit corrosion of the cooling systems and its parts which adds to the years and reliability to the life of the system.
  • Drift eliminators also remarkably reduce the release of harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment, which can even prove to be fatal.
  • The use of drift eliminators in all types of cooling towers be it a round cooling tower, square cooling tower or bottle cooling towers conserve overall energy use.
  • They also prevent the icing of nearby roads and fields.
  • The use of drift eliminators in cooling towers also reduces water loss and emissions.

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How are drift eliminators constructed?

People tend to assume drift eliminators to be complex machinery, whereas they are just simple yet significant devices that get a great deal of work done. No matter how simple the components of drift eliminators maybe, they combine to help improve the efficiency of the cooling systems.

Below are the components used in constructing drift eliminators:

  • Sifter
    The sifter in drift eliminators filters out the impurities like toxins and elements that can be on the loose into the atmosphere and can potentially prove to be harmful and fatal.
  • Seal
    The primary job of a seal is to inhibit drift bypass; the seals are implanted while the fitting process of drift eliminators is going on. Seal restricts the water droplets from escaping out of the system during the rerouting course.
  • Walls/Blades
    Walls and blades in drift eliminators are available in various designs; however, they all function the same. The job of blades in the eliminator is to direct the flow of water; it directs the stream of water into the preferred route. This essential part of the eliminator force vapours again in the tower; however, it is likely dependent on the type of design it has.

Available categories of drift eliminators in cooling towers

Drift eliminators are found in many different working-models, all combined make two main groups for easier recognition, and those two main groups are as follows:

Crossflow drift eliminators

As the name itself somewhat suggests, crossflow drift eliminators have a horizontal airflow where water flows in the same downward manner. Besides, this type of eliminator uses a splash form of fill.

Advantages of crossflow drift eliminators

  • Crossflow drift eliminators are cost-effective
  • They require low-maintenance
  • Gives you high-performance
  • Makes minimal noise
  • The consumed energy of these drift eliminators is optimized.

Counterflow drift eliminators

Counterflow drift eliminators use a tactic where the air passes in a good track through the fillings at the top. This results in exhaustion of more air as the water flows from the top to the bottom, the process of exhausting air is faster than the process of drawing the air in.

Advantages of counterflow drift eliminators

  • The repairs of this type of drift eliminator are almost nominal
  • Plume abated systems
  • It consumes a reduced amount of energy
  • It has a lower pump head

Cross-flow cooling towers

What features should you look for in a drift eliminator while buying one?

An ideal way of succeeding with the functionality of cooling towers is in considering what components are included in cooling towers. The right kind of parts, especially drift eliminators, are essential for the success of the system. Although there are many options to choose from, it is ideal to select the one that best suits your needs. The checklist below can help you determine how you can choose the best one for yourself.

  • Eliminators that are adaptable and bendable for alteration
  • They have to cost-efficient
  • Should be reliable to use and highly-durable
  • Eliminators that carry certifications that guarantee the safety of its usage
  • The machine performs efficiently.
  • The process flows through easily.

In Summary

Drift eliminators are an essential component of cooling towers. The worn-out drift eliminators have to replaced with the new ones for better results. Choose the right drift eliminator’s model for your round cooling towers.

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