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Blog Sep / 13 / 2021

Evaluation and Repair of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

The natural draft cooling tower is open and consists of a direct-contact system. These towers are build-up with a magnified shell-shaped structure. They often bear to harsh environments that can lead to a severe concrete slump. This tower is mainly used in power stations and found in energy-intensive facilities such as oil refineries, natural gas […]

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Blog Jul / 14 / 2021

What Is An Induced Draft Cooling Tower And Its Fundamentals

A cooling tower is intended to eliminate heat from a structure or office by showering water down through the pinnacle to trade heat within the structure. Air rolls in from the sides of the cooling tower and goes through the falling water. As the air goes through the water, heat is traded and a portion […]

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Blog May / 17 / 2021

Importance of Maintenance: Natural draft and evaporative cooling tower

Natural Draft & Evaporative Cooling towers are employed to cool down water that goes through chillers and other heat exchanger apparatus. Ultimately, it is a heat rebuff device that utilizes the evaporative cooling process to carry waste heat from the atmosphere. Not having your cooling tower well maintained can lead to leakages and standing water […]

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Blog Mar / 09 / 2021

How Do Cooling Towers Work? Are They Effective?

Industrial cooling tower manufacturers in India have gained much-needed traction in the marketplace of cooling towers. Industrial facilities, be it a refrigerating industry, or an air conditioning industry, or an energy-producing industry – all are characterized by the quantity of heat radiated. Heat emission determines the type of cooling towers required for an industrial facility. […]

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