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Blog , Cooling Tower May / 17 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Natural Draft & Evaporative Cooling towers are employed to cool down water that goes through chillers and other heat exchanger apparatus. Ultimately, it is a heat rebuff device that utilizes the evaporative cooling process to carry waste heat from the atmosphere. Not having your cooling tower well maintained can lead to leakages and standing water which can attract mosquitoes.

It is essential to have your cooling tower well maintained, especially with summer around the rim and mosquitoes being quite common around this time of year.

Enduring water attracts mosquitoes, but it can be a hotspot for bacteria growth, specifically Legionella. When people are endangered to Legionella by breathing in a mist or vapor (tiny droplets of water in the air) which carries the bacteria, they can exhibit symptoms such as a cough, brevity of breath, high fever, tissue aches, and headaches. This is why it is crucial to sustaining your cooling tower properly.

The Use of Cooling Towers

Natural Draft vs. Mechanical Draft

Cooling towers are described as natural draft or mechanical draft. As indicated by the name, natural draft towers release the flow of air by natural convection. Air passes through the tower because it naturally rises above the more unusual, outside air being drawn in as it becomes warm and humid. Incepted in the year 1996, Towertech Cooling System Pvt. Ltd. is today one of the best industrial cooling tower manufacturers in India

The purpose of the mechanical draft tower is similar but uses fans to produce the required airflow. Consequently, mechanical draft towers are often more petite than natural draft towers but increase operational expenses.

In summation, there are plume lowered towers that combine evaporative cooling with dry heat exchangers to overcome plume (steam) visibility in areas where the quill could create safety issues or be viewed as aesthetically vexing.

Fill Media

Fill media is fitted inside the tower to grow contact surface area and contact time within air and water (conceding more of the water heater to evaporate) to augment heat transfer and tower efficiency.

The two kinds of fills include film and splash. The film fills cause water to settle into a thin film, which exposes a large surface in a very compact volume. Splash fills break the falling water into tiny droplets, which continually exposes more water to the airflow. These techniques allow towers to achieve improved production; however, the selection and quantity of fill vary based on thermal provisions, tower geometry, and water quality.
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Drift Eliminators

Drift eliminators transfer tiny droplets of water that are entrained in the exhaust air to lessen the nuisance and health issues they form if allowed to skip through the top of the tower and the heated air. They are designed to create a winding way for the air stream. When the water droplets are separated, they are compelled to change direction and affect the drift eliminator side walls, stirring and draining back into the wet section of the cooling tower.

Effect of Maintaining Cooling Towers

Correctly sustaining your cooling tower can save you time, money, energy and expand the life of the tower itself. This tower allows building owners and operators to benefit from the operational cost savings inherent in water-cooled systems. Keeping the cooling tower well-maintained helps the cooling system work at optimum efficiency by conserving energy and water.

A cooling tower renders fluid (usually water) to a specific design temperature and specific flow rate (GPM). System production can suffer if the given temperature of the liquid to the system is more significant than desired.

In today’s world, business owners are invariably challenged to keep operating expenses down and are anxious to learn ways to get the most out of their operations with the least amount. When a regular, large cooling tower services program is executed, the owner can achieve cost advantages. TowerTech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that validates its high emphasis on quality, and is one of the best cooling tower suppliers and exporter.

A Cost-Saving Chance

Those who have working experience in cooling tower preventative maintenance and update technology will seize the most out of their cooling towers. The struggles of owners and operators of these cooling towers can generate many beneficial results, including:

  • Having them running smoothly and certainly
  • Improving cooling tower life expectancy
  • Preserving and potentially increasing performance

Clean Service

Cooling tower components must be kept tidy and free of obstacles. Ignoring the cooling tower can lead to higher than coveted return water temperatures to the system, resulting in higher energy usage from two perspectives. The design of chillers and heat exchangers will start to use more energy because they must run at a higher than necessary condensing pressure (head) to meet the load. Furthermore, the tower must operate prolonged at increased fan energy while trying to design cold water temperature.

We have engulfed everything that gives you a complete insight into the cooling towers. If you are looking for the establishment of a cooling tower, whether it is a mechanical project or commercial project, you should look for an expert company that offers end to end the deal. There is no need to jeopardize the quality of insulation, cooling tower maintenance, and also the parts you buy.

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