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Blog Dec / 15 / 2022

Improving The Efficiency Of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

It is a direct contact tower that is open to the air and is commonly used in industrial facilities where the total heat rate is approximately 450MW. Hot air rises to the top of the tower, and cold water gets collected at its base. The fresh air is located at the bottom of the natural […]

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Blog Oct / 24 / 2022

What Is The Working Principle of Natural Draft Cooling Towers?

Water is generally heated for all industrial processes or for an air condensing processor to be cooled. This to ensure minimum damage to the environment. Hence to cool this water cooling towers like Natural Draft Cooling towers are used. The water is pumped into these towers with the help of pipes. The water is exposed […]

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Blog Jul / 07 / 2022

Fundamentals of a Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Industrial facilities usually require the usage of a lot of fluids and different equipment; hence they need to be cooled from time to time. Most of the time, it is the water that plays a huge role in the process of cooling. Cooling water, when entirely used, absorbs heat and loses its efficiency and effectiveness […]

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Blog May / 18 / 2022

All That You Must Know About Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are a type of heat exchangers that cool down the hot water when the system comes in direct contact with fresh air. It functions upon the idea of increasing the heat surface area by spraying the hot water from the nozzles; it uses water evaporation over the airflow. The temperature rises, and the […]

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Blog Apr / 20 / 2022

How Does A Natural Draft Cooling Tower Work?

When it comes to cooling towers, they are an open direct contact type of heat exchanger where warm water from a condenser or the system gets low temperature through direct contact with fresh air. In cooling towers, the concept of water evaporation against the airflow is used. To get more surface for heat transfer, warm […]

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Blog Mar / 17 / 2022

How Do You Overcome Common Cooling Tower Problems

Cooling towers are heat exchangers, used to cool enormous structures and eliminate heat developed from industrial or huge mechanical action. These towers use water evaporation to eliminate excess heat generated during the process. In any case, cooling towers can confront a scope of issues that can bring about wasteful cooling or harm. To stay away […]

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Blog Feb / 16 / 2022

Different Types of Open-circuit Cooling Towers: A Quick Guide

Industrial and manufacturing establishments must use cooling towers. The most prevalent cooling tower designs are the closed-circuit and open-circuit cooling towers. To better understand open-circuit cooling towers, we’ll go through the five most prevalent configurations. Even though most cooling tower systems are located in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, an increasing number of office buildings […]

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Blog Jan / 18 / 2022

How Can You Make Your Cooling Tower Last Longer?

Cooling towers are one of the most efficient, cost-effective cooling mechanisms on the market today. However, not monitoring your cooling towers periodically can affect their efficiency big time. Proper monitoring and time-to-time maintenance are crucial to making your cooling tower last longer. This ultimately benefits your facility by: Decreasing the amount of consumed water Reducing […]

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Blog Dec / 20 / 2021

Cooling Tower and Its Benefits- Explained

What is a Cooling tower? A cooling tower is a heat removal device that removes heat from the building by spraying water down the tower. The hot air comes from the sides of the cooling tower and passes from the falling water, which cools down the water while some of the heat is exchanged and […]

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Blog Sep / 13 / 2021

Evaluation and Repair of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

The natural draft cooling tower is open and consists of a direct-contact system. These towers are build-up with a magnified shell-shaped structure. They often bear to harsh environments that can lead to a severe concrete slump. This tower is mainly used in power stations and found in energy-intensive facilities such as oil refineries, natural gas […]

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