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Blog , Cooling Tower Oct / 24 / 2022
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Water is generally heated for all industrial processes or for an air condensing processor to be cooled. This to ensure minimum damage to the environment. Hence to cool this water cooling towers like Natural Draft Cooling towers are used. The water is pumped into these towers with the help of pipes. The water is exposed to the greater surface area and cooled with the help of fresh air. At the point when water comes in contact to air, the water evaporates letting the cold ones settle down. Want to know the working principle of Natural Draft Cooling Towers? Read till the end.

What is a Natural Draft Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a system that uses direct contact with fresh air to cool down the hot water present in the condenser. It is open from the top to establish contact between fresh air and the system. The basic principle used by this system is the evaporation of water against the flow of air. Also through the nozzle, hot water is sprayed that leads to an increase in the surface area of heat transfer. Later with passing time the temperature and humidity of the air increases because of contact of hot water and fresh air. As the warm air is dense it goes to the top of the tower and cold water settles down. Later the fresh air is supplied from bottom as there is vast density difference among hot air inside and atmospheric air.

These natural draft cooling towers are used in oil refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants and gas plants to help remove heat from circulating water systems. Generally in a natural draft cooling tower warm air will move out of the system from the top to let fresh air flow in. And to ensure that there is proper airflow, know that the height of the cooling tower should be less than the density difference.

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The principle of Natural Draft Cooling Tower

The airflow in the Natural Draft Cooling towers is established by an effect named chimney effect that makes use of the natural pressure difference. Warm air formed is less dense which makes sure that it moves out of the cooling tower into the atmosphere letting in the fresh air. Know that the existing difference between warm air inside and cool air outside will create perfect air flow. Also to have perfect air flow there is a mathematical formula to calculate height to ensure it is as large as density. You can find such accurate height cooling towers from Tower Tech.

Know that cooling towers that use this system for flow of air have to be 200 meters in height and 150 metres in width. Also only the fixed amount of water should move into the tower. The shell of natural draft cooling towers is made in hyperbolic shape with the help of concrete. This cooling tower is an ideal choice for places where there is cold and humid climate.

The hot water for cooling in the tower is sent by the help of a pump. This inlet further has a nozzle that sprays the water over the fill material that increases surface area for heat transfer. Also the tower is open from the bottom to fetch fresh air. This air will further move upward allowing direct contact with hot water for heat transfer. The hot water will release heat once it comes in contact with fresh air and some of it is evaporated. Later the cold water sits at the bottom of the tower. At the end warm air will be removed from the top of the tower.

What is the need of cooling towers in industry?

Companies like Tower tech are continuously producing natural draft cooling towers but does industry actually need them? Yes, of course. It is one of the crucial components that is needed in the refrigeration system. This equipment can also be helpful in providing cooling to large buildings like airports, hospitals or hotels. Know that an industrial cooling tower might be larger in size than a HVAC system. This system is used in petrochemical plants, refineries, natural gas processing plants, food industry and many more to extract heat from the circulating cooling water system. With an ever increasing population there is demand for manufacturing more products that results in more heat. Hence it is necessary to have cooling towers to remove that heat.


Cooling towers are one of the most crucial components that must be present in any industry to remove the excessive heat generated. These towers function on principle of direct contact with fresh air. The hot air will move out and the cool air will settle down. This will create pressure differences inside and outside of the cooling towers. Companies like Tower Tech produce best natural draft cooling towers and induced draft cooling towers.