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Construction , Cooling Tower Oct / 30 / 2020
Written by Jignesh Shah
Cooling tower

Cooling towers require constant maintenance to keep it diligent. It is vital to keep industrial cooling towers thriving because of a company’s worker health and safety are at stake and its reputation and operational efficiency. All these can be fiercely affected by the risky condition of a single cooling tower.

What you need to look for to avoid the demolition of the cooling tower set-backs?

  • When someone is affected by the whole fiasco of a cooling tower, it is often due to the company not having a clear idea of the need for a water treatment program to be effective.
  • However, if the amount of scrap inside of a cooling tower exceeds the given limits of the devastating dosage. It will quickly consume power, which results in a lesser impact on bioactivity. The scrap can overwhelm the chemical dosage.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that cooling towers are highly efficient air scrubbers. Hence, anything drifting through it will get caught in its draft and be sucked in.
  • When anything organic debris like cottonwood seed, insects, grass, etc, get into the water, which will automatically create a nutrient-rich environment for bacterial growth.
  • It is incredibly crucial to recognize that if the debris growth exceeds the chemical dosage, the cooling tower will grow harmful.
  • Plus, you can quickly develop a false sense of security that the cooling tower is safe because, in the beginning, the growth of scrap is at a minimum. As a result, the constant maintenance of the cooling towers is needed.
  • Because if you aren’t keeping the maintenance process safe, there is an increased possibility of the tower becoming a safety hazard. Despite the tower being small or large, the bacteria will thrive in any poorly managed cooling tower.


Here are a few ways to keep the cooling tower safe:

  • When deciding what sort of management techniques to use, it is essential to know the cause of debris. If the source is waterborne: a good water treatment program is typically the best solution for it. The water treatment program will secure the heater and chiller exchanger from fouling. However, if it is airborne debris, then the water treatment program might not be of any help.
  • If an airborne related problem arises, you can use air intake filtration technology that filters the air as it enters the system. Such a filtration method is a mixture with a good water treatment program that is effective in blocking the debris. In short, the air filtration method constructively secures the entire cooling tower system.
  • In the paramount cases, if airborne and waterborne issues are both surfaces, you have to use both air intake filtration and water filtration with a proper water treatment program. It will help in keeping the cooling tower safe and operating efficiently.

These are the precautions that you can take in the need for a cooling tower’s security, be it any cross-flow cooling tower or counterflow cooling tower, comes up. No matter what type of treatment you have adopted in maintaining the cooling tower, your personal safety is a must.

Some of the best practices include wearing respirators, gloves, and protective clothing to prevent exposure to harmful bacteria.

Keep in mind that the cooling tower doesn’t have to look stained to be dangerous. Just because the water is clear doesn’t mean it is germ-free. Any cooling tower can bait bacteria. Therefore, always take provisions as such never announce it’s presence until it’s too late.

Cooling Tower

Cost of a Sick Cooling Tower

The companies that do not take the cooling tower’s maintenance as a priority will put employees’ safety at risk and put a business reputation at threat. Here are the chances of a sick cooling tower:

  • The company’s reputation will have to suffer.
  • It decreased employee morale and productivity because of a toxic work atmosphere.
  • The life of employees is at risk.
  • The high price of litigation which can lead.
  • Lastly, the cost of high company insurance when any death or severe sickness occurs.

When weighing upon the cost of maintenance with the incidents mentioned above, the incidents can be at the most staggering costs.

Summing things up,

You just have to look after the cooling towers initiate proactive and ongoing maintenance procedures, it will take care of everything else. It aligns fruitful debris management technology with potent water testing and treatment techniques; as such, when these elements are in alignment, the result you get is a safe, healthy, and well-organized operation.

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