Tower Tech Cooling System

Blog , Cooling Tower Apr / 23 / 2018
Written by Jignesh Shah
cooling tower

Have you ever seen a gigantic structure which looks like a huge inverted pilsner glass that produces smoke? If yes, then you have seen a cooling tower. What do you think a cooling tower is and what is its purpose?

The Tower Tech cooling towers are a device that releases waste heat into the air by lowering the water temperature. It is very useful for manufacturing companies that create energy because it helps them save a lot of money. Water is utilized to cool down equipment used during energy production.

Cooling Towers

Normally, when people see a manufacturing plant the first thing that comes to their minds is pollution. Admit it or not but that is the reality. There is a notion that when there is a factory there is pollution. Factories that produce smoke pollutes the environment. Is it always the case? I guess not.

Smoke coming out of the chimney of the cooling tower and the water used during the whole process of energy generation is absolutely safe. The use of a cooling tower is a great advantage to companies as it has low maintenance consumption and low maintenance requirements.

Accordingly, without round cooling tower driving our cars or buying plastic products would cost more. We wouldn’t be able to use heating, ventilation and air conditioning at home and offices effectively.

There are two types of cooling towers on the market and these are the following:

  • A natural draft cooling tower which uses air through its chimney to cool down the water
  • A Mechanical draft cooling tower that uses a fan to cool down the water

Just like any other mechanical device, cooling towers must be maintained to make sure that the equipment or device is in good working condition.

These are some of the benefits when a cooling tower is well-maintained

  • A well- maintained device will ensure uninterrupted operation that will prevent any losses.
  • A device that is regularly checked guarantees a longer usage.
  • It helps the company save money. Cooling towers that can be used for several years would mean that the company doesn’t have to buy another device earlier.
  • It ensures the safety of all the workers. The welfare of the workers or employees should never be compromised because they are one of the company’s assets.

It is very important for the company to keep a record book of all the devices and equipment used during an operation. This reference book can be used for future reference which is very necessary to keep track of the performance status of each device. Information such as the date of purchase and the date the device was installed, the parts of the devices that need to be repaired or replaced and the number of times the device was inspected must all be indicated in the record book. This is to keep track of the functionality of the device or equipment and for safety purposes.

If the device is not working properly because of low maintenance, it could certainly hamper the operations and could lead to undesirable results.

The world has gone a long way already in terms of technology and innovation. In the coming years, there will certainly be more technologies that will be invented to make life much easier. But no matter how many cooling towers are invented to meet human needs for as long as it does not destroy the environment, all technology advancements will be embraced because no one else will greatly suffer if the environment is already destroyed by us.