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Blog Jun / 18 / 2021

What is a Cooling Tower? Their Uses and Advantages.

What is a cooling tower? Cooling towers are a particular type of heat exchanger that provides water and air to contact each other to reduce the hot water temperature. During the cooling tower performance process, small volumes of water evaporate, decreasing the temperature of the water that’s being circulated throughout the cooling tower. In summary, […]

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Blog May / 21 / 2021

Understanding The Types Of Cooling Towers And Their Differences

Different types of cooling towers Cooling towers are crucial parts of the industrial processes. These tall water cooling structures actually play a significant role in industrial and HVAC comfort cooling processes. And might come off a bit surprising to you, knowing that there is so much more to these cooling towers than you could know. […]

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Blog Apr / 14 / 2021

Evaporative Cooling Tower a Perfect Combination of Convenience, Style, and Functionality

The field-erected cooling tower is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective among the various cooling towers. It features a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality, making them successful in industrial constructions and residential buildings. Industrial machines and processes generate a tremendous amount of heat. And to ensure effective and non-stop operation, the excessive amount […]

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Blog Jan / 18 / 2021

Why Have An Effective Water Treatment Programme For Cooling Towers

What is the cooling tower water treatment programme? Cooling tower water treatment system minimises scaling and fouling in the cooling tower system. It is an essential step of the process to keep cooling systems running fine. The water treatment programme for cooling towers typically involves removal of detrimental impurities from the feed water, circulation water […]

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Blog Feb / 25 / 2020

How To Find The Best Cooling Tower Company Within Your Budget?

Finding an experienced manufacturer for your cooling tower installation requirement is essential. There are various things should be taken into account when it comes to cooling tower installation, including your specific requirement, space, and your budget. The proper installation of a cooling tower is not enough to keep it functional throughout the year. To ensure […]

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Blog Apr / 27 / 2018

Industrial Cooling Tower Services- A Profitable Investment

Heat formation is the inevitable issue for industries. Known to spoil the work environment, the heat produced sometimes damage the machines. With steamed heat, it’s even more difficult to maintain the work-consistency thus, affecting the final output. Therefore, by analyzing the depth of the problem, science has bestowed industrial sector with heat exchanger called the […]

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Blog Apr / 23 / 2018

Cooling Towers: What are they and their uses

Have you ever seen a gigantic structure which looks like a huge inverted pilsner glass that produces smoke? If yes, then you have seen a cooling tower. What do you think a cooling tower is and what is its purpose? The Tower Tech cooling towers are a device that releases waste heat into the air […]

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